Water & Lava in the flatlands now banned for settlers

“Settler” level are now banned from using lava and water. That means however that all Donator levels of Settler as well as both donator and non-donator levels above are still allowed to use it.

This is to prevent any further settlers abusing it in the flatlands.

11 thoughts on “Water & Lava in the flatlands now banned for settlers

  1. it sucks how people have to be jerks and ruin privileges for every one else

  2. so citizans and up can still use water and lava though?

  3. great work , its a shame really that this had to be put in place

  4. But then we can’t make infanite cobblestone makers and we’ll have limited cobblestone

  5. Survival and creative are banned or is it creative only

    • only inside flatlands, you can use water and lava in survival

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