Classic one

Today I got this email:

Hi this is <username> well his older brother see i was playing on his account while he was gone and it was me and a friend and i was stupid and got his account banned. i am truly sorry for acting up on your server and believe it or not i am grounded from my computer except from this because i got him banned and he got VERY angry and mom and dad found out and seen how truly mad he was. I ask from you to allow him back on the server it was completely my fault and once again i am sorry.

This was my reply:

Hi there,
thanks for your email. See, there is are several issues here:

  • He should have never let you play on his account. That alone is an insta-ban by the rule. We want to avoid people doing stupid stuff and then claim “my brother did it!”.
  • I cannot verify what you say. I do not know you or your family. I am running a community of several hundred people and cannot spend time to worry about who lies and who tells the truth. We ban people who do stupid stuff and move on.
  • I am not even supposed to send you THIS email. My principle is to spend time on the users who are NOT banned instead of those who are

The only solution is that your brother gets a new minecraft account and registers again on the server. If he does not have another email address he can delete his current account from the website (see link below) and register with the username of his new minecraft account and the same email. Maybe you want to buy him a new account then? Maybe that’s a good lesson to respect your brother’s property.
However, his lot and his inventory will be reset in any case. See this here for further explanations:

I post this here not to make fun at the user or to point fingers at people but to leave a message not to mess with other people’s minecraft user accounts. It’s bad for those people, bad for the server and in the end, bad for you. You are stealing someone’s identity and in every term that’s illegal. We had this issue several times before and the outcome was always more or less like that.

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  1. But, but… BUT… Beavis and Butthead made me do it!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoneone! Now I’m going to lose all those diamonds I got because I finally got that xray working on your server! It took me a whole 10 minutes to collect them all! /sarcasm

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