Lot expiry clarification

It seems that some people who have been here for a while did not catch up on the posts that I made about how the system for the lot expiration and reset works. For the new users, I updated now the “become settler” page to include the relevant information. Since the existing users usually do not read that page anymore, I re-post that updated information now once here in the hope that everyone reads it:

LOT EXPIRY: If you do not login on the server for some time, your lot will expire. The normal lot expiry time is 1 month after your last login. If you are Architect or above level, and while you are DonatorPlus the expiry is 2 months. Also, all skylands/aether lots expire after 2 months only. Lot expiry is fully automated. During the automated restart on the day your lot expired, you will be removed from your lot and it will be reset to an untouched status. Other people can then reserve it again. If you go offline for a longer time, there is no way to extend the expiry period. You simply have to login once with the 1 or 2 months (depending on your level) to keep the lot active. To find out when a user’s lot will expire, you can look at the user list page and see their level and last login time.

This means that I strongly hope not to get any of the following questions anymore (added to FAQ):

  • I will be on holiday, will my lot reset? – YES. If you do not login within the reset time, it will reset and I will not do anyhting about it.
  • Can I keep my lot even if I do not login for a month? Yes. Become DonatorPlus.
  • I do not want to donate. Can you reserve it for me? No.
  • Do I have to tell you now that I will be offline? No.
  • When will the lot next to me reset? – Find out yourself. Go to that owner’s page on the userlist and calculate yourself when that will be according to the users level and his last login date.
  • Can I get a warning before my lot resets? No. Use a calendar.
  • My friends lot will be reset, but all my stuff is there and we built the lot together, what can I do? Go there and take what is yours before it resets. I will NOT stop the lot from resetting. If anything o your stuff is gone during a reset, it is your problem.