Kingdom Lot purchases

Guys, it seems that some people think it is smart to buy random street lots because they suspect sections of a stronghold within them or something else. Please be aware that I consider this a pretty idiotic thing. If you want to mine some stronghold blocks, go to the darklands. Imagine some guy being able to afford only one large lot, planning to expand and someone else coming and buying all the street lots around him to lock him in. If you are building a road, to your lot, fine. Get the street lot and build a road. But do not buy those just for mining or whatever other reasons.

I made now a new rule on the kingdom lot registration page:

ATTENTION (2): Do NOT BUY random corner or street lots somewhere. Those are meant for people to be able to connect their far away lot with the spawn with a road. If you buy those lots just at random next to other people’s lots, you limit those people from expanding their builds at a later point in time.

4 thoughts on “Kingdom Lot purchases

  1. So, would I be allowed to buy a path to my main lot in street lots?

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