Exciting stuff!

Here is a little announcement for the coming weeks. We have Halloween coming up as well as our 2 year anniversary. Also btw we just overstepped 700 days of server activities AND 700 active users!

So what is coming up? First of all I have some fun goodie for all users during the last two weeks of October in the spirit of Halloween! Announcement will follow around the 14th of October.

Second of all, some bigger news regarding userlevels and voting rewards during the month of November where we will have some long term new stuff and one surprise every single day on which I have been working on together with the elders.

I went through some ideas for trick-or-treat, most of them abandoned. Here is a list of what was abandoned:

  • Replace all Diamond ores with pumpkins
  • 1% chance for a ban for the lottery
  • Converting all of empire into a snow biome
  • 1% chance for lightning strike on any shop transaction
  • random, secret & changing word triggers 1-week channel mute

If you have ideas on how to trick-or-treat, please let me know here!


40 thoughts on “Exciting stuff!

  1. I’m glad you decided against those. They are nasty little tricks but I love the idea of trick or treat.
    Trick: Chance for all lot crops to turn to pumpkin.
    Treat: Chance for Crops to drop something good.

    Trick: Zombie swarms your location, same as the trigger when staying in a village over night..
    Treat: higher chance for better items on voting, or from villagers, or enchants if possible.

    Trick: chance for placed items to turn to pumpkin.
    Treat: chance for Instant smelting or higher XP drops.

    Not sure what all is possible. Hopefuly at least gave sparked some ideas.

  2. You abandoned the snow biome treat?! But I wuv schnooow! D: XD

    Trick: Fill kddk’s lot with gravel.
    Treat: Turn kddk into a pumpkin pie.

    Trick: Build a portal that leads to a room filled with spawners of all mobs.
    Treat: Convert the nether into candy-land.

    Trick: Teleport Hiosa into the void.
    Treat: Program into vanilla minecraft a fluffy marshmellow block.

    Trick: Blow up Skilletfk’s future city.
    Treat: Convert the land of piney’s city into cake.

    Trick: Flood Toktorill’s lot.
    Treat: Pay the restaurant bill.

    Trick: Pull out a birdie from a top hat.
    Treat: Tell Santa to give psiber gravel for christmas.

    Trick: Turn lvasold’s lot into a desert.
    Treat: Summon 42 Creepers and a silverfish to Daiyamondo.

    The first one seems to be a great idea! Indubitably!

    • Trick: revoke Dai’s tp powers
      Treat: Self explanatory

      Trick: turn on fire spread and pour lava on the nearest puny tree
      Treat: Roast marshmallows over it

    • Trick: Turn Daiyamondo into Pumpkinyamondo
      Treat: Laugh at Pumpkinyamondo’s silly name

      Trick: Sometimes /spawn “accidentally” puts you in a remote location in the darklands
      Treat: Sometimes /spawn puts you in the Uncovery Feast Hall of Foodstuffs (which could be built. eventually)

  3. Trick: When enchanting weapon/tool, the second you click the level it disappears.

    Treat: When enchantment level is selected, give player option of enchantments?

    Could be a fun yet ridiculous way to mess with players!

  4. Trick: Have a chance for the lottery to remove unc’s
    Treat: Have a chance for emerald blocks on the lottery.

    • Like this idea! But please, don’t let it remove too much uncs xD

  5. Trick Voting you get a 50 percent chance to get snow / pumpkins
    Treat : Other 50 percent you get cookies

  6. Trick: the lottery (or a key word) has a chance to teleport you to a protected haunted maze in the darklands (perhaps outside of the spawn), which must be completed to continue playing.

    Treat: cookies, players love cookies.

  7. Trick: keyword takes you to room full of diamonds and a dispenser, the dispenser shoots diamonds into lava and then you are teleported back.

    Treat: Every lot has a cake tower made on it.

  8. Trick: Lottery has chance of “Random villager you’ve spawned disappears”

    Treat: Lottery has chance to give you 1-10 villager eggs. (still don’t know how people come out of eggs…)

  9. turn all woodplank and log iinto pumpkins or on the lottery theres a 10% chance you will die bwahahaha

  10. Trick: You appear to be OPed
    Treat: You are promoted

  11. 1.How about turning all the pumpkins into diamond ore?
    2.Those that can use the /dis command team up as zombies and raid people. When hit toss rotten flesh at them.
    3.The villagers have a 5% chance of exploding like a creeper when one trades with them.
    4. Roll a 13 and get attacked by 13 zombies.
    5. Roll a 13 and win 13 jack-o-lanterns.
    6. On Halloween all rolls win candy.
    7. On Halloween everyone can use the /dis command for any of the forms.
    8. Make Halloween PVP day.
    9. On Halloween everyone looks like a zombie.
    10. It is night and rains all day for Halloween.
    11. New players start out in a room full of spawners.
    12. For those that ask test questions they are sent to a room full of mobs. Each time they die they rez in that room until they pass the test.

  12. Trick:Server texture pack that makes gravel underground look like ore
    Treat: Maybe one of our more artistic Uncovrians can make an official Uncovery texture pack? it would be pretty cool if u ask me.

  13. Trick: Tamed animals have a 10% chance of turning to a creeper every day.
    Treat: 10% of spawned creepers are friendly

    Trick: Random trolling music replaces background music
    Treat: 0.1% of raindrops are diamonds

    Trick: 1% chance of spawning Slenderman from a spawn egg
    Treat: 1% chance that Slender gives you free diamonds

  14. Trick: %10 chance you will get kicked from the lottery with the ban message (you wont be banned its just to scare you)
    Treat: all players log on with a diamond in their deposit

  15. I’m not sure if any of my suggestions are possible (or easily possible), but I’ll try to throw a few things out there. :D

    Trick: 5% chance that a hostile mob will respawn where you killed it.
    Treat: 1% chance that a tool will fully regenerate when you use it all up.

    (not sure if trick or treat): Pumpkin stalks grow jack-o’-lanterns instead of pumpkins!

    Trick: Minecraft music is creepy-themed instead of its normal cute effect. c: And yes, I am aware of the fact that some people (maybe most people) keep their Minecraft music volume down. Ahh.. They won’t hear it. :D
    Treat: 1 chest per owned lot has a stack of cookies; your challenge is to find it!

    I’m too unimaginative to think of any more than that!

  16. trick: your name is gold like your an elder all day
    treat: when you die there’s a 1% chance you will spawn where you last died

  17. Trick: When you die, you spawn in Heaven, eventually falling down since you can’t walk on clouds!
    Treat: When you die, you spawn in Hell. :D

  18. Trick: Force random hourly mob disguises for all. Hide people from the map. Who’s who!?! (But allow for block pickups)
    Treat: Every hour, one person on the server can fly in survival.

  19. Trick: Random 5 minute jailings.
    Treat: Grant the ability to call down lightning.

  20. Trick: Random teleportations.
    Treat: 5 minutes of the admin super pick.

  21. Trick: Several ghasts or giant zombies spawn near you.
    Treat: A dozen cows spawn near you.

  22. Trick: when voting it could say ‘rolled 24 get 64 diamond ore’ but when withdrawn it could be coal ore?
    Treat: uncs multiply? maybe

  23. Trick: TP them to a room full of diamonds and then BURN THEM IN LAVA

    Treat: TP them to a room full of cake and then BURN THEM IN LAVA

  24. Trick: Everyone can use mobdisguse. to impersonate others.
    Treat: normal mobdisguise

  25. Trick: Make someone that just joined the server Op for like a minute then ban them saying just kidding you not Op!
    Treat: They get a Jack-o-Lantern!!!!

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