Law enforcement

Today I banned a guy called rizzoli for Xraying, another called shadyxcop for building a death trap (with invitation signs) on his lot.

I also removed the walls and fences from lots B4, C4, B8 & A8. Please note that I will remove EVERY BLOCK a fence is made off from the surface of the lot in case there are no doors or gates in the walls/fences. No refunds!

10 thoughts on “Law enforcement

  1. I’ve been extra careful to make sure that I have gates set up along my fence on my property. I also placed torches up on both sides of every gate so that they are easy to spot. If someone wouldn’t mind to check and make sure there are enough, I would greatly appreciate it. I can always add more if I need to. I just like to put up the fences to help minimize mob spawns within my lot. My lot # is emp_m14. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to check it out for me.

  2. Unc, may we put up walls if we still leave a path around the edge of our lot? I had issues with my animals being killed off, as well as a few villagers. I know the villagers werent zombies due to them being locked in houses behind gates, and they still would end up missing. I built walls with one way gates because i didn’t know there was a rule against it. trusted neighbors have ways in to my land, but I made sure to leave paths around the walls for people passing through.

    If it’s not ok, please let me know and I will make changes before you nuke my walls.


    • why don’t you just put the animals etc into a smaller enclosure that people cannot open? Does it have to be 126×126 for the animals?

      • I just didnt want to have to break down walls every time I wanted to get to the animals. I get that people need to be able to trek through your lot to move around though. It was a major pain trying to get to my lot the first time. That was why I thought I was being nice when I built my walls 4-5 blocks in from the edge so everyone could still get through. If I have to let down my defenses, its cool. I will do it. Just hope all my villagers don’t start disappearing again.

        • Guess what: Of 700 users you seem to be the only one with this special request. So, no, a 1-block pathway around the lot is not ok. If everyone else can handle it, I am sure you can, too.

          • I said it was no big deal. I am not upset about it. As soon as I read your response, I went and put buttons up on the iron doors. That totally came across wrong. I hate the internet sometimes. I am totally good with leaving a gate. Already done. Sorry if it sounded like I was complaining. I was more just wondering if I was ok with my walls the way they were.

            Sorry Unc.


            • Sure thing. btw. a dirt block is already a perfectly protecting door. Not as nice, but protects 100% and is easy to remove.

              If it was possible, I would set it up so that people can only harm mobs in their own lot, but it is unfortunately not an option. It seems that our grief protection is so good that the only thing griefers can do is to go around and kill other people’s livestock.

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