1.4.2 is out! Temp server is running!

Ok, so 1.4.2 is out. Here again what happens:

  • We have now a temp server with the 1.4.2 version running.
    • That temp server is reachable if you enter uncovery.me:25564 into your minecraft client
    • This normal world map of this temp server will become the new darklands in the future. So treat it nicely!
    • Everything that you build on this server will be transferred once we upgrade the main server. That includes normal chests and builds. That does NOT include your user inventory and enderchest inventories. Those will be LOST on upgrade.
    • There is no protection against griefing on the server except for the whitelist. Also, the whitelist there is currently not updated. Newly whitelisted users cannot join it. I will enable that later.
    • We know from experience that people will grief. It is still bannable. But you better hide your stuff since it is hard to detect.
    • If you are playing on the 1.4.2 and go voting, the voting rewards will pop out in the 1.3.2 server. You will be able to access them once we are upgrading or if you downgrade your client to play there.
  • We still keep the normal main server running as-is.
    • Once we can upgrade that server to 1.4.2, we will delete the currently existing darklands and all that is in there. That will not affect enderchests and player inventories but it WILL affect builds and normal chests in the darklands.
    • Everything else, your lots, your money etc will be transferred.
    • Regarding the nether in the current main server, There is no decision yet. One option might be to simply move the spawn to a different location.
      You can choose if you want to play 1.3.2 with all your current builds and protection OR on 1.4 with the new features, but w/o proper protection and in a new world. In order to stay on 1.3.2, it is important that you do NOT upgrade your minecraft client when asked to do so. Once you upgrade, you cannot re-download the 1.3.2 version from legal sources. You can however keep 1.3.2 on your computer with a tool and run 2 versions at the same time with a special tool. Use MC Jar switcher or Magic launcher. Also see this here.

16 thoughts on “1.4.2 is out! Temp server is running!

  1. In regards to the upgrade, if you use the Technic pack launcher, there is a Vanilla Minecraft option. If you select that and click on options, you can load in different Minecraft versions, it allows you to backdate through the updates as far as 1.1, currently.

  2. What if you replace the current nether with the nether that will be generated in the temp server

  3. So I’m having an issue with the jar switcher program. For whatever reason I can’t find one that offers a switch back to 1.3.2. The latest switch I found was for MC 1.2. Could anyone offer me some help on that please? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

    • So I am now trying to use Technic and it goes through about 3 update bars and tells me that the update failed. Then it closes.

      So I guess I will sadly have to wait until bukkit gets it’s stuff updated before I will be able to play on the server again. I really wish I hadn’t downloaded the new update until AFTER I made sure I had a legit backup for 1.3.2. Oh well. You live and learn I suppose.

      • I have it sorted now. I just copied the 1.3.2 jar file from my daughter’s PC and used it on my own. Sorry for the spam, please delete if you need to.

  4. New area is going great. There is a public farm near the spawn. Potato, carrots, wheat, coco beans and pumpkins. A separate sugar farm up on the hill. Some cows for leather to make bookshelves for a public enchanting table. Some chickens for the eggs to make pumpkin pie. Less then 10 of each. Thanks all for helping on making the farm. There is even a wild portal to the nether near by. I believe that the dragon has been killed and the egg collected. Do not who did the kill. Slimes are running wild in the swamps.

    • Her and Skillet have joint custody. I got a message from the proud parents last night :)

  5. Yes, the town near spawn is looking great. Theres even the beginnings of an underwater community.

    • one of our underwater mines have found diamonds. Trent finished his house and astrovirus have started an underwater bakery.

      • sorry bout i forgot i i am building the underwaterbakery

        • sorry bout i forgot i too am building the underwater bakery

  6. The new area is really looking great. It is great how every one is working together. There is just a few problems. There is one or more thieves. People are starting to miss their items. Please hide your stuff real good. Not near the spawn. Lot of diamonds and other stuff are gone. Also a bit of possible griefing. Do not know if by accident or on purpose. If you damage something please fix it. If you do not have the blocks to fix it the please call out and someone will come and fix it. Accidents happen but would be nice to fix them. We want to keep this place looking nice.

  7. For the most part. People have been respectful of others builds but I agree that there is someone or few perhaps that take blocks from builds. I keep having to replace glowstone in the underwater city. Iron & diamond goes missing if not hidden. Kind of reminds me of Black Friday before Christmas. People are crazy and aweful. I don’t do Black Friday’s anymore.
    It’s Sad that some people have to be like that. Who raises these kids?
    Despite this, I’m still enjoying the group efforts @ spawn. Some interesting mix of good and bad. :P
    But thats all oppenion. Deffently the most fun in a while.

    • I agree people have been robbing the private mine we both made with electric. We mined rare stuff and i saved some for electric when he was offline but his share was gone!!!

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