First plugins enabled, please report griefing!

I have now enabled the first plugins. I will wait a couple of days and then likely upgrade the server within the coming days, unless there are some heavy bugs reported.

Also, please report griefing from now on on the temp server. Not the stuff that happened already before now, but everything that happens from now on.

20 thoughts on “First plugins enabled, please report griefing!

  1. Did Ice Cream report his incident? Because it seemed pretty serious.

      • Yes, this afternoon he had reported that someone griefed his base and stole most of his supplies. This was in addition to Wilson (not a griefing incident) and falling into lava (also not a griefing incident). Ice Cream had a tough afternoon!

        • Worst freaking day in MC I have had scince Vech’s super hostile map #10 –
          Spell Bound Caves!!!

  2. I have been stolen from for the second time! It happened when I was away from 3 – 6pm 10/29

  3. A big problem. People can use potions to make them invisible. They can take the potion and then follow people to see where they hide their stuff. They can also put blocks down or destroy blocks and no one can see who it is. They do not even have a name above their head. If they have no armor on and hold nothing then no one knows that they are around. Is there some way to block this potion. People are already abusing this. I do not know who but keep seeing blocks appear out of no where. I hate to seem a party pooper and spoil the fun but it is the ones abusing this potion that has made this a problem.

    Another note. Several glowstones have been taken from the old darklands. The stairs and path leading to the railroad from the spawn.

    • Sorry Vixen, I guess I have been abusing those invisibility potions! XD and in some cases, I had seen 2 people’s secrets.. not that I ment too.. I can’t stop anyone from using the potions, but my advice to you is look real hard and turn your partical settings to ALL. That’s the best advice I can give anyone.

  4. I rode on a rail labeled ” please dont ride w/o permission, unless curious.” Well I was curious. ALong the way I picked up some items of value. Who’s ever they might be let me know. I am not sure because I spent a long time far away from spawn. but I have them for you

    • it’s my railroad. If you got anyhting from my chests, I would love to know and if you did, it’s fine. Just tell me what items of value you found or had taken. :D

      • NOthing from your chests, they were on the railroad and i picked them up riding in a cart. I will be online in an hour or two.

  5. My lookout tower near spawn has had its chest robbed on multiple occasions….

  6. x +16, y 68, z +6

    The general area, 5 chests, 4 furnaces.

    Picture can’t be uploaded, marked the area.

  7. Half of the spawn was griefed in creeper-like explosions… probably purposeful.
    somewhere between 8:30-8:50 PST 10-31-12

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