Contest Entry submission, deadline extended!

Since we have the new contest entry system now online, where people build in a pre-defined lot, we have much more entries that were never finished. I have now created a new system where people can “submit” their entry and therefore declare it finished. Otherwise we will have to judge abstract art etc for people who did not build much more than a frame around their contest lot.

So you are required to actually put a name and a description of your contest entry on the website once you are certain that your contest entry is worth being judged. If you did not have time to finish (or even start it), just simply do not do anything.

So to submit the entry for the 2 year anniversary contest, please go to the contest manager website and enter a title and description for your contest entry, then press “submit”. Otherwise people cannot vote on it.

I extended the deadline because of this and the 1.4 release to November 4th!

6 thoughts on “Contest Entry submission, deadline extended!

  1. I don’t know if I’m just missing it…. but I don’t see any submit buttons. How do you submit your entry? I tried going in-game and looking at the contest page.

    • I already have an entry…. i need to submit the one that in skylands…

  2. How do you add your screen shots to your entry on the website ??

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