Donations disabled! Buy Donator status instead!

Donations are (somehow) re-enabled. Somehow? Well here is the thing:

Paypal never offered donations for Asia-Pacific. I live in Hong Kong but Idid not know that. I simply installed a wordpress-widget that created a donation button and hooked it up to my paypal account. Paypal however does not know the regulations about donation legislation (taxes, declarations etc) for all countries in Asia (I guess for none). So they found out that some people have donation buttons and disabled them to save them from any legal claims – without telling me about it. So people who wanted to donate simply got an error message. After calling them 3 times where they told me that they are about to fix the issue I finally found out what the problem actually was. So donations are not possible anymore.

But guess what: You can still buy stuff. So instead of you donating money after which I give you donator status, you can now BUY the donator status. The difference is that there is no more an empty field in which you can enter any amount you like, but instead there is a drop down menu to choose from. I tried to make a reasonable selection of amounts to choose from.

All the same if you ask me. Happy to sell you some donator status :).

15 thoughts on “Donations disabled! Buy Donator status instead!

  1. I thought 1 month was supposed to be $1? Or are you going for, you buy spend less per month the more you pay?

    • Its still a dollar per month, but you have paypal take a percentage from each transaction – rounding up to 2 dollars covers it. If you notice the other months are a dollar per month, plus an additional dollar.

      • ok, now that means that 4 years should be $49 since there is 48 months.

        • I don’t know the actual percentage of the fees, I’m just referencing the initial post about “its a little more than a dollar per month” from I’ve listed the two quotes that I’m pulling this information from.

          “People who donate get an eternal β€˜+’ status. It’s a badge that you donated something – sometimes. This requires however that the amount you donated is higher than the fee Paypal takes. If you donate 1 Cent, I do not get any of it. Paypal takes it all. So no + for you.”

          “The amount I receive from the donation gets used up in a speed of 1 USD / Month. I rather round up here and count only full months.”

          I would guess that when we’re getting into the higher dollar amounts the fee percentage is high enough that unc has to up it again by another dollar to cover the fee.

  2. I pulled up the paypal fees – 2.9% of total amount sent plus $0.30 per transaction

    For 2 years of donator status at $1.00 per month = $24.00 x 2.90% = $.69 + $.30 a transaction for a total of $24.99 rounded to $25.00.

    If we jump up to 4 years at $1.00 per month = $48.00 x 2.90% = $1.39 +$.30 a transaction for a total of $49.69 rounded to $50.00

    • Exactly. Anyhow, I will ALLWAYS check how money is actually leftover from the transaction and enter that amount into the donation status – including the cents. The software checks and gives another donation month for the month where less than a dollar is leftover.

  3. I tried donating and I think it went through. If it didn’t please let me know. I enjoy this server and plan to contribute monthly.

      • I checked my bank and it actually did go through, so money did go somewhere. On the 9th of October it went through from when I sent it on the 5th of October. No matter though, I will donate again.

  4. I just made a donation. How long till it is reflected on my name? and/or do I have to do something else to finish the process?

    • Uncovery has to process you. Since there’s no secure way for the payment from paypal to be tied to your Minecraft account on the server, he does this part by hand.

      • Oh I see. So does he need my conformation number or something? Otherwise how does he know that it was me that made the donation? Thanks : )

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