17 thoughts on “Hunger Games are re-opened!

  1. Sweet! great work guys!

    Any chance of giving us head trophies of vanquished foes in there ? :D

    • Of the last person slained… that would be awesome ^^
      … Heads, … Heads everywhere.

  2. It seems that in round 498, when I tried to buy silver’s herad, I got azkedar’s head… I tried it twice, same thing…

    • That’s weird. I don’t understand how it could mistake one player’s head for another. And you should only be allowed to buy 1 head for any particular game.

      • I believe you receive the head of those you slay rather than the head of anyone within the game. Therefore if you did not slay silver, you will not get his head. I am basing this off of the heads that have been purchased and my experience.

        • No tbrew, that is not the documented behavior nor is that even possible the way the thing is implemented. It has no way of knowing who you killed or did not.

  3. Noticed a problem with the HG. I dont play but do follow the chat. When someone makes a game they call out the rules. People agree in chat. The problem is that some people are then breaking the rule of no fighting for 5 minutes and killing people. The game maker gets mad for the rule breaking and ends the game. Then the fighting starts in chat. I will not name names. Suggest that the rule breaker spends either 10 minutes in jail or for the rest of the hunger game, which ever is longer.

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