13 thoughts on “Server back up – for now

  1. just an idea, the /home that you said could be suspect has a small redstone mechanism that runs continuously, not too sure wether its anything to do with the server issues but i thought i might as well point it out, its just two hoppers transfering 1 cobble from one to the other, if thats an issue i can break it asap

    • just realised that this thing is probably an issue for lag not world corruption, forgot about the rules for continuous machines, ill just remove it

  2. Hopefully my creative lot is still in the flatlands.

    • The only thing that concerns me is why the server went down

      • Unc took it down so we didn’t further corrupt it and make it harder to fix

        • Aehh, not really. The server crashed because of a chunk read error. That normally happens when a part of the map corrupts. This happens locally, in one chunk only normally. I was not able to restart the server properly since I was out, and therefore just left it shut down until I could restart it.

          Even if there is an issue like that, (we had that before) I only need to find the spot, and restore it from a backup. Chances that the corruption spread is not very high, if at all possible.

  3. Is it possible that it’s a lot that the chunk hasn’t updated on the 3D map? If so, you should check out my Kingdom lot K10.

    • if someone around you was active, its a good chance your chunks were loaded. Do you have a place that has people living around you?

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