Minecart spawning disabled!

I have just recovered the server from an issue where a simple spawn & transport elevator has created 1900 minecarts and crashed the server massively, and repeatedly. It took me almost one hour to fix this. Due to the massive amount of minecarts in the area, it was even hard to go there without my minecraft client freaking out.

I therefore made the decision to (as discussed earlier) remove minecart auto-spawning from the system. Therefore, unfortunately, all minecart riding systems must be now manually supplied with minecarts that you have to craft yourself.

As a compromise, I am thinking about making a command that would simply give you a minecart instead so you can place it without having to craft it. This will not happen in the next 6 hours however.

16 thoughts on “Minecart spawning disabled!

  1. Sorry about the trouble Unc. And thanks for all the work fixing it for us!

  2. Thank you. I am glad to have this system resource hog found and eliminated. Bacon anyone?

    • I’l take 4 slices of not chrispy bacon please :D

      • Not crispy?!?! My god…… what is wrong with some people!

        P.s.- You play minecraft with chrispypancake too much judging by your choice of spelling….

        • Yep. Never knew it was spelled crispy. I had always saw chrispy outside of minecraft also tho. And idk,i just dont like the crunch feeling and like fattening more to chew on. To me it retains the bacons flavor more of its juices. Dont think their is ever a wrong way how to cook food in different variations. Everyone has their way of how they want to eat it. :/

  3. The last part sounds totally fair. Maybe /kit wontcrashtheserver

    • Says in first sentence of first paragraph.

      • I read that part, I meant from a technical view (from a server owner’s perspective, since I have a private server with Minecart Mania). I guess I wasn’t very clear though, so, my bad.

        • I think the issue was that spawner and wooden plate activator in both directions were so close to each other that they triggered themselves in a loop.

        • It was a very compact (3 block long) Yellow, black and red wool strip activated with a pressure plate with the same thing underneath for the elevator. It had worked 1000 times in the past without a problem. This one time however….. well we see what happened. My best guess is that for some reason it glitched off the track and triggered the pressure plate again. This may have caused a large number of carts to spawn since the redstone signal was constant with the pressure plate remaining on.

  4. Ok but will we be able to place minecarts in other lots?

    • Good Question. I think placing minecarts should work without problems. Please try with someone else’s lot or in the city.

      • In the city it disconnected me. I guess i shouldve seen that coming.

        • But I came up with an idea that peeps could put a dispenser in the position of where they want the cart to go and put a hopper on top. The rider would put in a cart from a kit or something and get in. And if you could only disable cart spawning wool, then the person would never miss the cart. That way you can make the kit only avalable every like 15 minutes and not have problems with letting the cart go. You’d have the time limit so peeps cant manually spawn minecarts all day.

        • Nothing in another person’s lot either.

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