New video project by poke0523!

poke0523 is working on a new video project featuring uncovery minecrafters and their most epic builds! It will be filmed in the major cities (spawn, riedi73’s and pinbenj’s) and all contributors are invited!

If you think other places should be added, want to help or be featured with what you built there, please talk to poke0523 or comment here!

21 thoughts on “New video project by poke0523!

  1. Hey Poke, If you are hitting Heaven’s Reach, feel free to tour through Shanmullach, and Kawasumii. Kawasumii is getting pretty big and covers more total ground than Heaven’s Reach, and Shanmullach is about 70% complete as well. Neither are as huge with the buildings, but they weren’t meant to be. Since they have roads from Heaven’s Reach’s front gates they are an easy trip to the south. Let me know, I can walk you around on Teamspeak if you want.

  2. This is project may take a while, I need all the help I can get for this project! I am not sure how long it will take, but the more help I can get, the faster it will be! :)

  3. Right now I need lots of Uncoverians to be in this video! All ranks are able to be in the video!
    Comment to ask to be in this project!

  4. This really makes me regret not doing any large building projects :(

  5. I want to be in it poke0523 I would love to help you and your videos!! I will try my hardest to do what ever you need.

  6. Hey poke – tyvm for your effort and the time you invest!

  7. Hey poke, let me know if I can be of any help to you at all. Moreover, this might inspire me to build some more stuff to showcase, since Bento is tiny, and Yllse is barely even started XD

  8. You could alwys come to Tortuga, the pirate city.

    Small, but it’s got some nice builds.

  9. Thank you for your using your time and talent to show off this awesome server and all of everyone else’s creative talents. You are an asset to this server! XD

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