13 thoughts on “New, official video trailer for Uncovery Minecraft!

  1. Looks great Pine. Almost looks like we know what we are doing around here

  2. Great video pine! I really like the look of the still shot before you click play. Its a good looking harbor, wonder who built it. :)

  3. Noice Trailer.

    It’s really something that SEUS look better than some Render Engines in some other, newer games. And the dude who made it, made it as a hobby and for free.

  4. This is amazing! Great job on this pine. Good music choice also

  5. Nice vid, nice music, nice atmosphere!

    We can already see it’s working as new peeps join all the time! Good job pine!

  6. By the way, I added the video now to the grey box for non-logged in users so it’s permanently on the frontpage.

  7. Oh. My. God.. This video is beyond stunning. Seriously. This is inspiring, beautiful, just amazing. The music was great and the texture pack and shaders have made me see our server in a whole new way. Wow, great job.

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