Please test the new Settler-Test!

I have now finished the new Settler test (except for some formatting to make it look nicer).

Please be aware that the whole thing has moved from an actual Settler-Test to a “Guide to get a lot”-style of thing.

It does not do anything yet (it does not reserve a lot or promote you to settler), since I want to make sure that it works 100% before we replace the old one. So I would like to ask all of you to try it out. Please check for the following:

  • If you do all correct, does it work as expected?
  • If you do something different than the instruction, does to re-direct you properly (including not making any selections etc)?
  • Are there any rule or other questions in additions that should be asked?
  • Is it clear and possibly fool-proof?
  • Could the description be shorter (people don’t read the text anyhow)?
  • Any other improvements?
  • Do you like it?
  • Are there any typical questions new users ask that should be addressed in this?

Please comment here for anything!


22 thoughts on “Please test the new Settler-Test!

  1. “Do not beg for anything – Upgrades, handouts or help with this process.” Perhaps add “Including” before “upgrades” to reduce confusion for some.

    When selecting the first lot, it says “to build mode” on both the Survival and Creative paths in the first sentence. A change to “Survival mode” or “Creative mode” would help new users to know exactly which one they are on.

    Btw Kudos on making the user at least see the lot on the map and checking it. Neat idea.

  2. I don’t know exactly how much advice you are willing to give to the newcomers to make their experience here more enjoyable, but here’s a couple of things that I would advise if a friend asked me about entering the Empire (I have no experience about the Flatlands).

    – You can visit the Empire without being attacked by mobs until you’ve finished this test.. take your time.
    – Think about the ressources you want on your lot (sand, trees, mobs)
    – Have a look at the trade/shop page to figure out which item can be purchased if you can’t find it on your lot
    – Consider the opportunity to pick a lot with a goodie (village, temple)
    – Have a look at the 3D map to get a quick feel of the height of things around your lot (natural and artificial)
    – Watch out for natural traps around your lot.. if you can’t build and there’s no neighbour to fix it, crevasses can be a nightmare (note: I did commit suicide after failing to find a solution to escape from a 2 blocks deep duck pond just next to my lot).
    – If you plan to breed mobs, have a look at the region your lot is in, and at the activity of the other lots in the same region (1 region = 16 lots = 50 passive mobs limit).

    – First thing to do once you’re on your lot with building rights: “/sethome”!

    I’m still a newb myself so I won’t make a fuss if none of this is kept.. and in the end I did none of those and still find it great :).

    • thanks for the suggestions!
      Many of them should be solved by making people actually visit the lot. the two suggestions that I will pick up are the /sethome and the safety regarding the lot.

    • Just to clarify, the breeding limits are not per Minecraft region. Indeed, I doubt most players even are aware that a region file is 512 blocks on a side, equaling 16 lots in empire.

      The limits are per lot, if you are in a world where there are lots, or per chunk, if you are in a world without them (e.g. darklands or nether).

      Sorry for the confusing naming. Maybe I should’ve labeled it “LotBreedLimit”, but then it wouldn’t make sense in worlds with no lots… :)

  3. (Using Google Chrome 36 under Ubuntu 12.04) I entered endless cycle at the step, when Survival has been chosen and I was offered to click “Next” and choose a lot. Next “Next” returned me to previous step… and so on in cycle.

    Apart from that, simple enough and well clear (steps I have seen).

    • That’s odd. The 2D map should be opened then. It just returns you to the same question? What is written on top of that page?

      • The only time I see this happening is when you click next to select a lot, fail to select a lot by ticking it on the 2D map, and click next. you are then returned to the screen before the 2D map. I can’t replicate the problem with Google Chrome 36 on Windows 8 otherwise.

        • Yeah, I have to see if I can make the radiobutton be activated if you click anywhere on the lot

  4. When picking a creative or survival world,the survival one has a creative bar. Don’t know if that matters or not.

  5. Don’t cheat!. No Xray, “no mods”, no bug abuse.
    Minimaps could be considered/is a mod.


    If you made a mistake and want to play a different mode, please go back now and chose another mode. Grammar would be choose.

    “After failing to choose” You need to chose lot to continue! – choose a lot
    “Ooops, I didn’t notice the O’s that you need to check, which is how I got that”

    You now should go there, to make sure it’s what you want!
    Grammar: You should now go there

    I was logged out, told me to log in, I logged in and went to empire. Still telling me to log in.
    Does it take time to register?

    Couldn’t continue from here.


    Same three spelling/grammar mistakes.

    Same log in problem here, I’ve been logged in for a while now.

    • Same logging in issue for me. I can’t continue past that.

    • Thanks a lot!
      I made some changes, please tell me if it works now! If not, please copy and paste the text from the screen here.

      • Thanks, that is fixed. I found a couple things after that.

        When it tells you to /warp spawn to reach the portal building, I get “Error: You do not have Permission to use that warp.” /spawn works, you may want to change that in the test.

        Also, when you are told to click the button next to your head on the 2D map, the icon for my location is not showing up. I have tried logging out and back in, but that has not worked either. I can’t continue past that.

        • Can you elaborate on that? What Icon for your location is not showing? It should show your head and then the button. It does not show your head? Or the button?

          • Neither my head nor the button showed up. On the 2D map without the test my head shows up fine.

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