Temp 1.9 server now live on port 25564!

According to the rules of the previous blogpost, the 1.9 temp server is live now. I chose a biome close to the water since 1.9 has actually working boats. I did not have the time unfortunately to check the world in a larger radius, so I hope the ocean stretches a bit.

I built a mock-portal around the are where the new spawn should be. Please use that small island to build a new spawn without filling in land on the water to the mainland. A bridge would be much better.

You connect to the temp server with


4 thoughts on “Temp 1.9 server now live on port 25564!

  1. Erm.. could someone please indicate how to connect with that port?

    I tried “http://uncovery.me,25564”, “http://uncovery.me:25564”.. but I don’t really know what to enter ;p

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