Upgrade to 1.9: First status update

So we are running the temp server already on Spigot, which is great. It means we do not rely on the vanilla server, but can test plugins already. I did a test right now where I simply copied the existing version of all plugins over and started the server. The following plugins failed in one way or the other. and I did no attempts to check if I can fix them:

  • SunBurn_Lite (this is running Freaky Frydays, should be fixable)
  • DisguiseCraft (not ciritcal, mob disguises, will install it again once updated)
  • dynmap (3D map, will most likely be updated soon)
  • LogBlock (our grief-loggin, most likely just a config issue)
  • BloodMoon (Bloody Tuesdays plugin, will most likely be fixed soon)
  • bShortcut: (critical, but likely only config issue, also replaceable)
  • Herochat (critical, all chat runs through this, will likely be updated)
  • NoCheatPlus (not critical, will likely be updated soon)
  • BukkitSpeak (not ciritcal,not sure if we even still use this)
  • RateOfXray (not critical, anti-Xray)
  • Multiverse (critical, will likely be updated soon)

So from this assessment, I would think that nothing prevents us from going live on the 14th or a couple of days later. Watch this space (as usual) for further updates)

7 thoughts on “Upgrade to 1.9: First status update

  1. Are there any plugins that seem to work fine but might require some further testing?

    • Well, in the past years, if something worked on boot, it worked through-out.
      So I think we can assume things will work fine. Anyhow, I have a hope that in the next weeks, more plugins will release official 1.9 versions. A lot of users simply do not trust a plugin to work in a new minecraft version unless the developer officially announces them to be made for 1.9. Since we have given us the time to upgrade until at least the 14th, we should be fine.

  2. Unc, at this time we’re unable to build around spawn to get the soon-to-be-darklands spawn going. Do you know when that might change?

  3. When the temp server becomes Darklands, what will happen to items in our inventory and ender chests on the temp server? I assume items in chests will be unaffected but not sure about the other two.

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