How to kill a dragon

Any ideas how to organize the dragon fight from now on?

Since people need glass bottles to catch the dragons breath and since there is a dragon respawn mechanic now, as well as more structures in the End, I wonder how to set it up in the future so that it remains challenging.

So far I do not delete the end anymore after a restart since the dragon respawns without that. I also found it’s interesting if people have to venture out further to get stuff and explore the area.

Any ideas welcome.

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  1. From what I read on the Wiki, the Ender Dragon once respawned only gives 500 XP instead of 700 XP for the first kill. Also it can only be respawned 20 times I think or it stops dropping xp after that.

    I’ll post what the wiki says here:

    Ender dragon

    Can be respawned by placing one End Crystal on each side of the exit portal at any one of the three blocks of that side.
    While respawning, beams shoot out of these crystals, that will reset all the pillars and when done they blow up and spawn the dragon.
    Subsequent dragons will spawn new gateways up to a total of 20, but won’t create new dragon eggs and will only drop 500 experience.
    When the dragon is respawned, the circle of pillars and the crystals reappear.
    Explosion particles appear on the tops of the pillars as they are being rebuilt.
    The fight has been changed to be more similar to the one on the console edition.
    No longer take damage from snowballs, eggs or fishing rods.
    Its attacks have been changed:
    The “charge” attack has been given a great amount of knockback.
    Breathes fire/purple particles (called “dragon breath”) while on top of the portal.
    During the attack, it knockbacks and damages all players on all angles in the vicinity (as if hitting with other body parts).
    Immediately charges the player right after.
    Right clicking the dragon’s breath cloud with an empty bottle will turn in into dragon breath.
    It is used to transform splash potions into lingering potions
    Shoots special projectiles at the player called “ender acid”.
    These produce a dragon breath cloud on impact and light the ground on fire.
    While on top of the portal arrows will bounce back and be set on fire.
    NBT tags can determine the dragon’s phase.
    Its AI was changed:
    It sometimes returns to the center of the island to “perch” on top of the portal and shoot dragon breath.
    It charges right after.
    Defends the obsidian pillars more, the further the fight progresses.
    Flies back to the portal once it gets killed, to complete its animation.
    No longer teleports through Nether portals or End portals.
    Can no longer ride anything.
    Can no longer have status effects.
    Summoning it with /summon will now stay in the same position no matter what.
    Unlike summoning a dragon with {NoAI:1b}, it will still flap its wings.
    These dragons do not show their boss health bar, nor do they take damage from any attack other than /kill

    This is so people know what changes are made to the Ender Dragon without having to go look for it.

  2. Why not creating kind of a dragon killing area – just like the wither arena

    • I technically have no idea how to do this. To create this would be a MASSIVE effort in plugin/world/etc making from what I can judge. So not possible I am afraid. There is no way to assemble a dragon like you can assemble a wither. The exit portal is not just some blocks but as far as I know more than that in the code.

  3. I think the key is finding balance.

    In an ideal world I think it would go something like this –

    End is how it is, dragon unkilled. You go in, no inventory, get the kit (maybe throw some glass in there for some dragons breath. Kill it. Once the original dragon is killed, you are able to bring things in and out of the end, and respawn it.

    About a month passes, the end resets again. Repeat.

    This makes the fight difficult, and forces people to either respawn the dragon to get the dragon’s breath as well as venture out far (like how it is with the nether and glowstone) to find the end cities… the close ones will be picked over. At the same time, if its been awhile and someone wants an elytra, its not like a free “Oh, the dragon is dead, lets just waltz on through to go searching” They too will have a challenge of killing the initial dragon without items if they want what they don’t have.

    This would also address the fact that after 20 or so dragon respawns, the dragon “resets” and gives xp again.

    Now, I have no idea if you can do the code like this at all. Again, this is just in an ideal world (for me) how the end would be set up. Something to consider.

  4. XP is kind of moot now. A spawner is enough for mending, enchanting. The big item from the dragon fight is the egg. Is there a way to set it up so that those in a 256 around the dragon when it dies get an egg in thier box like the lottery or player heads from hunger games? I like the idea of a permanent end that you need to go out 10k with all the dangers to find elytra and it gets harder over time.

    Or can a portal just be setup at warp spawn to a second end which clears inventory except a kit and the second end response like the old end. So 2 ends, one for resources another for dragon fight?

  5. I’ve been thinking about this since the 1.9 announcement and keep hitting a couple of problems. The biggest for me is I don’t know what other people want from the End, or what you want in terms of game balance and resource limitation. So I can only really answer in terms of what I want and see if anyone agrees with me.
    The one and only thing I want to do in the End is have a roam trying to find and raid a fortress. Elytra are a bonus. They’re shiny and new but kind of a gimmick and status symbol once you think a couple of weeks into the future.
    Finding and raiding said fortress is a serious challenge in and of itself, especially if resets are limited and we get a Nether like situation, hunting further and further for a fresh one.
    The idea of two Ends has some merit. If you want to fight a ‘real’ dragon and get an egg and have access to a regular fresh End you do it with a kit and it resets often
    The other End sits there getting crusty and picked over but you don’t get forced to fight a dragon and can use your own gear, and if it has DL like portal or death exit rules it gives some limitations to what you can haul out.

    • I like this option.. if its possible that is. I just want to roam and raid also i have no desire to fight the dragon all the time..

  6. As I see it there are two ways to approach this:

    1) Tie the DL End Portals to the end world. This was unfavorable in the past due to management of the fight difficulty.

    2) Keep The End exactly as it is, just put nether crystals in the [/kit end] command and keep the ability to /deposit. This wouldn’t change much of anything and allow hardcore farming of the End Cities, while granting users eggs every so often…

    So, in either case, The End must be physically reset after so many days with a new seed to help regulate the farming. I suggest once a week on Sunday.

    To note: Elytra are bugged, probably due to the anti-flying regulation somewhere. Also, they cause a ton of lag due to world/chunk generation. I wonder if those two are related. Sorry to get off-topic, but is there any way to limit world/chunk generation?

    • Oh i forgot to mention, can an ender chest be placed in the /kit end as well? It would be favorable to have a way to store items if you run out of deposit space with no more pocket money for deposit slots (thinking of the noobs out there). :)

      • Ah, psychodrea said nearly the same thing as I, but mentioned putting glass for collecting dragons breath. good addition.

        Drea also mentioned making people pass the dragon to get to the outer world, which could mean resetting the dragon after every encounter. The coding would prevent new people from entering until users inside were through, so that “lock” and “time-frame exploration restraint” would be the two to consider. The time-frame could be a RNG from 1-3 hours ( Dragon fight included ). The person(s) involved could then be on probation for 24 hours until they can enter again.

        Of course- if this were implemented, forget putting Nether Crystals in the kit. The Ender Chest might be able to stay if that instance of The End is locked to the party involved for that random exploration time.

        **To make this extra hardcore-mode, it could be made so that, if you die, in that instance of The End, it resets and you lose your items. I doubt many would favor this option.

      • Hehe, no ender chest sorry, otherwise we might as well give out free deposit slots again :)
        If someone is a “noob” as you say, not sure why they should be able to kill the hardest mob on the server.

  7. Have you looked into Citizens + Denizens? They’re NPC plugins that you could use to simply script the dragon’s behavior to detect when killed and give the drops and such and you could re–spawn them on command.

    What I propose is create an end and a dragon battle area such as @riedi73 mentioned, however just use the NPC as a replacement and create a new end world similar to the darklands/nether worlds as others have suggested.

    If you don’t want it to be that “easy” to get to the end world, you could make it so people don’t have permission to visit that world until they fight the dragon or perhaps pay a fee to unlock it, and/or you could charge on a per-entry basis encouraging people to not exit/enter a ton.

  8. My only concern is what about the people, like me for example, that just want the new items to experiment with in builds after testing them in the flatlands? Also mostly I just want the Dragon’s Breath bottled so I can make the Lingering Potions to use on arrows. I already feel accomplished that I killed the Ender Dragon on Hard difficulty.

    Honestly I would prefer the pay to access The End option once the dragon is initially killed, or however it will happen.

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