Inventory System update

So here is the current (and hopefully final) status update regarding the inventory:

I have now replaced the old, dysfunctional inventory system with a new one. It should now be able to deal with ALL types of items and blocks. That means that you should be able to have banners, shulker boxes and all kinds of enchantments etc. in your inventory and enderchests without a risk of losing them.

ATTENTION: The Deposit and Shop still cannot deal with them since spigot (the server software) has a bug here that does not send the information properly to the system I am using.

The new system works a bit different from the old one: It is unfortunately less flexible. The old one for example shared XP across all survival worlds. The new one is simpler. You share ALL items (XP, health, enderchests, hunger) across the “normal” survival worlds: empire, darklands, nether, kingdom & aether, all other survival worlds each have their own, isolated set of those and nothing can be carried across. Let me know if the system does it differently in any sense.

I have done my best to convert existing inventories from the old system to the new one. It could be that some of the enderchest contents have been lost in the process. If you have significant contents lost from your ender chest, let me know in a comment here within the next 2 weeks and I will try to recover them. It’s quite complicated (not even sure how possible) to do, so please only do that if your lifeblood was stored in there.

10 thoughts on “Inventory System update

  1. i had stacks of skulls along with elytra wings and other rare items… anyway to at least get those back? it was full of blocks.. i understand if its not a fixable issue and ill just have to restart..

    • Can do but:
      1) You need to free up your deposit so I can put them somewhere.
      2) I need to find out how to actually get guardian heads via a command. If you can help me there would be great, I could not find anything so far.
      3) You had 64 + 52 skulls in there. Those were skeleton skulls?

  2. I had a lot of valuables in my end enderchest, which is now empty. A recovery would very much be appreciated, if not too costly on your time :)

    • I could identify 13 shulker boxes. Deposited them for you. They are empty though. Mind that the old inventory system could not handle full shulker boxes anyhow and the content would have been gone anyhow.

  3. My inventory was cleared in the end, the only valuable stuff was 6 shulker boxes, it would be great if u get it back :)

  4. I’m sorry if this is a bit late, but I don’t really look into my survival worlds very often, yet I had a lot of stuff in my survival enderchests.

    Here’s what I posted (not sure if you received it) (I may sound a bit naive because I didn’t read this message before I posted it):

    -You can delete what is currently in my enderchest; all I ask is for some amount of recovery of any items.

    Upon further examination, the bug seemed to have erased my enderchest contents in the darklands as well! Unfortunately, this means that A TON of resources were lost. I mean, diamond blocks, emerald blocks (I think), iron, and a whole lot more that I can’t remember. Seeing that you have the logs for my enderchest(s), I can safely say “my life was in there”.

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