Server moved, what’s next?

The server move is done, everything seems to move fine and the performance improvements are really significant. In the past, the minecraft server was using 100% of the available processor resources even with nobody online, now it does not even use 3%.

So that’s done! What’s next? We have several things I could focus on next:

  • Life insurance: We could have a 1-time insurance where you run a command and it would remember what you were carrying around with you and charges you a fee. When you die, you can use a second command and get back what you lost. Very practical if you die in the End or Aether. The mechanic here is just an example, how it would actually work, when you pay and how much would have to be figured out.
  • Buy lots anywhere: Lots in the empire and all other worlds would be up for sale with incremental prices like for buying homes. Empire lots would be more expensive, flatland lots cheaper for example.
  • Making a concentrated effort to get more players on the server
  • Anything in this list here.
  • Anything else?

Please tell me what has the biggest priority for you personally.

21 thoughts on “Server moved, what’s next?

  1. might it be possible to zoom in the 3d map one more step?

    • Yeah that should not be a problem since I don’t need to do anything except changing some settings. I am trying it already now with the empire, we’ll see how long it takes (I need to re-render the whole map) and then move on to other worlds.

  2. Life insurance sounds good and buying lots anywhere is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Life insurance, that’s a nice idea.
    Keep voting servers list up-to-date (since voting is the only way to bring more Uncs into game)
    Buying lots
    Attract players

    I would also ask for feature (let it be expensive enough) to fix tools/items (for in-game money, and/or hard to obtain blocks). When tools are heavily used, Mending isn’t that useful, and diamonds are scarce.

  4. You should change what some of the signs say in the city. There is one that talks about a /buyxp command that would allow you to buy xp. I read in an announcement a while ago that this was replaced with the /bottlexp command. I think the city should be looked through again (or replaced) to update the information in the city, because it might confuse a newbie. I sure got confused by it.

  5. I love the life insurance and lot buying idea.

    Especially the life insurance idea.

    Maybe also a death location form of insurance as well. Lag death in the end only really bothered me because I was thousands of blocks out.

  6. The first two ideas are great, I think those should be priorities, but I also think that we should tackle some of the bug fixes first. Thanks for the server move!

  7. Also, less important but still a thing. There is a typo on the front page when you are not signed in. It has a random backslash in the word don\’t

  8. I really like the buying lots idea (especially in the flatlands because you can only get flatlands plots/creative plots by ranking-up).

    Something else that I would like to see:

    Contests. I don’t really know what happened, but at one point it seemed to be something that drew players in. The last mention of a contest (officially), I believe, was four years ago.

    • Contests are tricky because they take a LOT of my time. That’s the only reason I have not done them: I simply don’t have time for that. And while sometimes other users have organized them, this is very rare – because it’s a lot of work :)
      I can try again to work on a more automated system to reduce some of the work on it, but that is also a huge project.

      • I tried doing contests but no one wanted to after the new forums were up. its like everyone disappeared! i would love to help you out with this!! Just let me know!

        • Yeah, I remember. So let’s do the following: Don’t post it in the forum, send me a message and I post it on the blog.
          I still need to program a new widget for wordpress to show the forum posts there.Until then, people don’t read the forum properly.

          • let me get it together and I will shoot you a message with all the info needed!

  9. I like the idea of the lots buying, but i am thinking that like the kingdom lots it should be a limited amount.
    the insurance i do like because this would be a great help especially when you could carrying expensive stuff.
    some nice ideas also in the list

  10. I’ve been thinking and I think that if we get life insurance, you would have to pay a fine per day, maybe 20 uncs a day.

  11. I’m all for lit purchasing, especially for flatlands. Also, I know this may seem a bit far-fetched, but what if we made a different default spawn location for non-guests? Then the city world wouldn’t be loaded with massive buildings just to change worlds? It could simply be in an existing survival world in a region where you’re safe from deaths/hunger. Just an idea.

    • The city spawn area permanently stays in memory anyhow, so there is no issue. Same for the empire spawn. Ok n top of that it’s not the whole map but just the visible chunks around the spawn.

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