Building Contest!

Hey guys, HadSkills is organizing a building contest!

Theme: Freestyle

Who: Individuals or teams

When: September 20th – October 20th 2017

Where: Your Lot, Any Survival World with lots
(NOT in the Nether, The End, Flatlands, or Draftlands!)


  1. 20k unc & 2 shulker boxes,
  2. 10K unc & 32 Diamond Blocks,
  3. 5k unc & a full suit Thorns III Diamond Armor

You will have 1 month to complete a build of your choice. If you sign up as a team, you will have to settle how to split the prices yourselves.

To sign up, comment below before the 20th of September. If a team signs up, There needs to be one post with the whole team listed, and all team members posting as replies that they agree to be part of that team.

21 thoughts on “Building Contest!

  1. sorry i’ve been absent! my daughter has been sick but im back and ready to get the winners voted in and their prizes handed out!. As you know the contest ended on the 20th so sorry the Judging is late!
    Please leave the Cords to your Builds in the replies below so the judges can run around like chickens with their heads cut off and look at the sexiness you have brought to this server!

    Thank you so much for being so patient and kind!


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