Mine bitcoin!

You can now mine Bitcoin on this website! The Bitcoins are mined using your processor power and used to pay for the server. Any coins you mine will be transferred into your donator status. Like that you can become a donator without spending real cash! You can try it out here!

[Update:] I just wanted to add some information: It is very likely that not one individual will make a significant amount of money for the server – and therefore also not towards a long donator status. The mechanics of this tool is rather geared towards many people contributing a little and the overall sum of all the small parts then being meaningful for the server. If you realize that you make a lot of money with this (like several USD/day), you should rather likely investigate if you should not be doing this for your own benefit instead. I will be letting this running for a couple of days now and then publish some statistics here. If statistically it would make sense for the server to continue this, I will leave it up, otherwise I will shut it down.

10 thoughts on “Mine bitcoin!

  1. Holy smokes, what a crazy cool neat way to support a site. This is genius. Many props.

  2. I don’t want to put a damper on this, but unless you are running multiple high-end graphics cards this is not an equitable solution. Your machine has to beat out your electricity bill and it is very likely that your computer will eat more costs in power than producing Bitcoins. The people that turn profits from this usually have a $3000+ rig that is set to run at all times – not as a primary computing device. This mining frenzy has depleted the market of many graphics cards so you can blame cryptocurrency for causing that graphics card you’ve been wanting to jump 200%.

    • *Also, if you actually do want to commit to this then the graphic cards you use must have 3GB or more of memory, and you’ll want to do “pool mining” with other miners. Solo mining is the hardest way to go. Again, the only real way to turn a profit is by bulking up and becoming a total nerd. Expect to learn a little command prompt.

      • *Cant forget cloud mining. There are many services out there where you invest actual money into companies that will mine cryptocurrency for you. One of the biggest services is http://www.genesis-mining.com which will take care of all the nerd stuff for you – for a price. These companies make mining super easy, but you’ll need to play it like a stock exchange to return any sort of profit.

    • You are right when it comes to one person trying to mine for themselves. There is not a lot of money to be made unless you are doing it right. However, if you are a poor kid playing and want to make a small donation like 1USD to donate for a month of status, this might be able to do it – and then again, maybe not even that. This is why we are testing it.

      However, the bigger picture is on the other side: mine. If 50 people run this, I will make a much more sizable amount than the individuals at the PC. Will I make 200 USD a month? Hell no. But if I make 10, it’s 10 more than 0.

      As I wrote above, I am still testing that to see what kind of amounts this will make, and then we’ll see if we keep doing it or switch it off. In the end, it might just end up some sort of micropayment for something else entirely.

  3. I wish this was on sooner… I could have left this on with my work computer at my old place…

  4. I left my PC on overnight running an i7-6500 and GeForce 980 Graphics card, made one whole US cent in 8 hours. Was worth a try but I can’t see it being worthwhile unless hundreds of people did it everyday.

    • Yeah, I figured similar statistics. I will likely switch it off unless I find a way on how to improve performance.

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