Server issues

There seems to be some technical issue with the server. I am on the road right now with limited internet access and not sure when I can get it fixed. Please be patient. Thanks.

I restarted it now once, could not pinpoint the crash reason yet. If it’s down again, please be patient for another 12-18 hours until I am back online.

14 thoughts on “Server issues

    • Poor Lancaster I see you’re stuck on that structure on the 3Dmap, you haven’t moved in hours now ;p

      • Yeah, it happened yesterday as well. Uncovery reset it afterwards but the problem occurred again today. I’ll be patient though, I know that Uncovery is a busy man and the server is worth it. I’ve never played on an other server because they can’t match all the time and effort gone into making it unique.

          • Seems that isn’t working right now, either. The page reloads when I “Start Mining” and I have to start over. I don’t know if this and the previous issue is directly related to my account? Seems to happen after I log in successfully – if only for a very brief time. Sorry to leave so many messages, however, I hope they offer a useful insight to the cause of the problem.

            • Ok, so since Uncovery restarted the server, I logged in successfully but travelled to another world using the portal and not using /spawn. Everything was fine an I was able to do my shop things. I then went back to Flatlands, typed /spawn and have arrived at the same problem – the connection timed out. I am now locked out yet still online. I hope this helps – the issue arises when I type /spawn.

              • Yeah, Unc restarted it, but I guess the cause of the pb was still around somewhere.. he hasn’t had time to investigate it yet.

                  • Naw man I was kidding, you just happened to be the one who triggered the issue, don’t worry about it!

  1. I’m guessing it’s related but I only managed to log in once yesterday for a very brief period before timing out again. Now I’m back to timing out on login :(

    • Yeah you were there too.. if you look at the server’s main page, we’re official stuck in there (BoucinL, you and me).

  2. I have been having the same issue. When I attempt to log in, I time out.

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