Trouble with Shulker boxes

It seems we have a repeated issue with Purple Shulker boxes.
When the item is bought in the store, there is a risk that the item is not arriving in your inventory.
So far I could not replicate the issue, but the result is clearly logged when it happens. So in case you did not get your shulker box, please let me know and I will get you your money back.

For now I have updated the log file system to better log the exact command that is used to give you the item. I hope we’ll be able to fix it.

14 thoughts on “Trouble with Shulker boxes

  1. I recommend anyone looking to buy a shulker box avoid this issue completely by trading me iron for my excess shulker boxes.

  2. I bought one yesterday without an issue (the box has been delivered), but /search command can’t locate it in /shop

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