Happy Holidays and some small news

I am off to another diving trip and not sitting in front of my computer the whole time. I am frequently checking my email however. If there is anything wrong, please send me a message and I will try to fix it ASAP.

I also want to wish everyone happy holidays and a much better 2018 than whatever this year was.

Also, I recently started a small experiment by re- generating the Empire with the same seed. It turns out it pretty much looks identical on the map. That means that (at least for version 12.2) we could update the empty lots in the empire to include all the current stone types that at right now missing, such as andesite, diorite etc.

So some time early next year I will likely replace all empty lots in the empire with new versions and test the same for the kingdom as well. As long as there are no big breaks in the borders between the lots, we should be able to get updated stone types.

I will continue to do those checks and updates for the coming versions as well.

All the best!


14 thoughts on “Happy Holidays and some small news

  1. Sounds great! Hope you have a good trip Unc, and happy holidays!

  2. Talking about seed.. now that the old mesa DL has been abandoned, maybe you could share its seed with us if you still have it around somewhere, it was a great one ;p

    • Uh oh… You should have asked me that after the switch… I don’t think I can retrieve that one anymore… If the new DL is less than a year old, I might be able to get it. When did we switch?

      • Ah, too bad then :)

        I think you changed the DL with update 1.8 or 1.9 (the current DL was used as test server), I’m not sure which. Both are too old anyway

  3. Happy Holidays Unc and everyone. I hope that next year is 100 times better than this one for everyone.

    Unc. I remember how one time you let everyone have the chance to reset their Empire lot if they wanted to. Can everyone do that if they want for the block update for their Emp lots?

  4. I looked at the 3D view for world “emp_temp”, I guess that’s part of the experiment you’re talking about.. we can see on it that it regenerates the villages in a modern way, it looks great :)

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