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Dear all,

as you have seen in one of my previous posts, there were worries about the next version “breaking everything”. The issue was that a change to the way blocks are named (which has been implemented already a long time ago) would be enforced and the old naming scheme removed from the code. The worry was that a lot of plugins might break then because they were not updated at the time.

It turns out now that the spigot team (who make the adaption of the vanilla minecraft server that we use) have implemented already a mitigation to the changes that were done in minecraft to keep old plugins working. While I did not test anything yet, I think we can stay reasonably calm and looking forward for the new version to not have too many issues.

Further, as you might have read on Mojang’s news, they delayed the next update to roll it together with the one coming after that. The new update will then include new water mobs and more. So there is something to look forward to! Unfortunately, as usual, there is no confirmed release date for the next version, I am assuming something like April/May or similar. Let’s see.

However, there is the question when we will change the empty lots in the empire (and possibly also in the Kingdom). To remind you what this is about: Normally, we only re-generate the Empire lots when there are REALLY significant biome/block changes. The kingdom was on top of that never meant to be re-generated since it’s purely for building, mining and landscape there is secondary. However in the last updates that introduced Andesite, Diorite etc, the underground environment changed, but the landscape did not change too much – if at all. There is therefore now the opportunity to re-generate the empty lots in those worlds so that the underground generated according to the current minecraft version, without creating nasty breaks in the surface, landscape and biomes above ground. We could also give the opportunity to lot owners to reset their lots as a one-off feature.

The choice there is to do that now, once, or to wait for the next version to be released. We can then check if the new version generates a completely different landscape, in which case we have different decisions to make.

So what is your opinion? In general, we can always wait for the next version – and then therefore never change anything. On the other hand, we want to avoid excessive changes and workload if it’s not needed or wanted.

16 thoughts on “Version upgrade preparations

  1. Good news!

    About Kingdom’s lot reset.. why not if it doesn’t change the surface landscape, it won’t do any harm but it really is not an important thing to do either, as it is easy enough to mine massive amounts of diorite, andesite and granite in the Darkland.

    If the landscape turns out to be different then it’s another story, I would oppose any reset, because I don’t like landscape disruptions. This might be an argument in favour of an immediate lot reset possibility, while it doesn’t affect the landscape.

    That was my opinion on the subject :)

  2. Since Greywolf182 and I haven’t done much in kingdom since we got back into the game after not having internet for a while and loosing our lots, (we got them back) we are up for the kingdom lot reset.

  3. So only empty Empire and Kingdom lots would get reset? And the lots that ppl own would not get reset?

    • Yes. Kingdom is not confirmed yet. e would try the empire first, then kingdom if empire is fine.

  4. Sounds good. Personally, I’ll just view the new underwater structures on some other lots. This update will mostly affect the deep sea biomes.

  5. If landscape doesn’t change drastically and will still connect smoothly enough neighbor lots, no harm in resetting empty lots. There will be dramatic underground changes, but I, personally, always build an “inner border” when building underground, to prevent “guests” from adjusting caves etc, to stop lava from pouring and so on.

    It would be interesting to see results.

  6. Resetting unclaimed King lots sound good to me. I have my eye on an ocean King lot that I want but will be happy to wait for the coral. One question: Are the Darklands going to reset this time? If so, I will have a storage area set up for the recovered building blocks from there, like the rails, for the next darklands.

  7. To be honest since kingdom is very much split off by sold streetlots and empty big lots inbetween, i would not just reset unclaimed lots. The hole kingdom might look a bit querky then. I would prefer the one-off feature once Aquatic is out. And maybe it’s possible to lay a ring of some brand new lots around kingdom. That would Interrupt once but just to enter these lots and it might be interessting to step from old into new kingdom.

  8. I have changed my mind on the kingdom lot reset for mine, if it is still being considered. I have done more work than I though I would have at this point. Thank you.

    • by the way, if empire is being done first my lots can be reset, and I think greywolf182 is on board with the reset in empire as well. Thank you for all your hard work.

      • I won’t do anything of this based on comments here. If there will be an option to reset lots, you will have to do that through the lot manager once it’s enabled.

    • I think a global reset of Kingdom was never considered, I have stuff there that I will never want to be reset, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. The only two things that are considered are:
      – Automatic reset for the empty lots
      – One shot voluntary reset for owned lot. Only if the owner wants and trigger it.

      I hope I understood it right ;p

        • By the way I read you tested a new Empire generation and it looked fine.. but surely Kingdom will be another story right? Kingdom is entirely pre 1.7 generation (with a lot more jungles than now, and no savanna).. so I kind of doubt that you’re gonna be able to generate lots with seamless surface connections to the untouched kingdom lots and 1.13-like oceans at the same time :(. Do you think there’s a possibility to achieve it?

          • Anything can happen. But the good thing is that there is no risk of failure. I can make a copy of the kingdom, try it out there and then see how it works. If it’s fine, we keep it, if not, we don’t.

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