New Discord Server! Good-bye Teamspeak server!

I have made the decision to migrate from Teamspeak to Discord. The Teamspeak integration into Minecraft was outdated and buggy. Also, Discord now has full minecraft integration including userlevels, channel chats etc.

Also, the teamspeak server was hosted by myself, and Discord is not, so there is one thing less for me to care about. To find out more about how to use discord, please check out this tutorial!

10 thoughts on “New Discord Server! Good-bye Teamspeak server!

  1. Slight glitch on Discord currently. There are issues with sending private messages to people in game chat. Some of the whispers are showing up on the Discord chat for everyone to see. So please be careful what you send that way until fixed.

  2. Awesome, I’ve just installed the app and I can’t wait to connect my account tonight šŸ™‚

    On the other hand, I tried to log off the web page and still could see the online status of people with login names and (small) profile pics, I’m not sure I like that..

    • > On the other hand, I tried to log off the web page and still could see the online status of people with login names and (small) profile pics, Iā€™m not sure I like that..

      That has been there for years now. What exactly don’t you like about that?

      • Just the fact that anyone can google himself into this page and check on my online status.

        I haven’t been using teamspeak much because I’m usually playing in a family environment at home and I don’t want to isolate myself anyfurther by wearing a headset.. therefore I didn’t pay much attention to the teamspeak window, but on the other side I noticed that the list of online player (MC-wise) in the server is only displayed once you’re logged in the webpage.

        As usual, if it’s just me, I’ll cope with it.

        • Ooops, I just found out the list of online players is displayed anyway. Oh well my bad.

          • So if you are concerned that someone can see when you are online, that is hard to hide.
            First of all, the moment you commented here, people could find your username on the page. After that, they can find you with a simple server query as all the server lists do. Your username is in there. So anyone could make a query to check when you are online, even automated, without ever coming to the website.
            Further, they can connect to IRC and check just as well as with discord now. If we could keep it a secret completely, I would do so, but we cannot. For those who want to stay anonymous I recommend to use a minecraft username that is not connected to them in any other way.

  3. If teamspeak is gone for good we need to update the webpage to prevent confusion for newer people. The user box still says join us on teamspeak, right hand side simler and also remove from user commands and add discord commands in. Thank you Uncovery and assistance.

  4. 30 subscribers to the discord server, that’s not bad ;p

    • Yeah I am really satisfied with this. It seems that the Teamspeak has been an issue for most users and Discord is much better. More users seem to be permanently logged in as well. So in every aspect this seems to be a very good upgrade for the server.

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