New Kingdom system idea

So based in all your comments on the last post (thanks for contributing), I have the following idea for the kingdom:

Disclaimer: I will still have to figure out how we would smoothly transition from now to the new system, so ignore issues around that for a while please.

If you buy a main kingdom lot, additional kingdom lots get incrementally more expensive, like home slots. Lets ignore the street lots for now. It might be even unaffordable to go beyond a certain number. 9? Who knows, we will see.

However, if you think a lot is “done”, you can give it back at a profit. You would fame. We could have a new version of the Karma system where you get one karma per lot as a badge displayed with your name. You could get a page on the website where your build is exposed. Anything of the sort.

You could also get Uncs, but I am not 100% sure about that. One version would be that you just get the purchase price refunded. One other that you get a reward on top of that. Another version could be that you get nothing. You would have to start from scratch with a new build. I know that last version would not be so motivating but it sounds interesting since it gives the option for a restart and would be good for the server since money and materials would have a place where they leave the economy instead of just creating this endless deflation.

When is a lot done? Well there would have to be an evaluation of the lot, possibly by other users first and if that passes by myself. A bit like a building contest. We could make a small questionnaire for people to fill out, with questions about the lot such as:

  • Is it detailed?
  • Is it unique?
  • Does it use the available space properly?
  • Etc…

To help people rate it so I don’t get a bunch of 5×5 noob huts to approve.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Hmhmhm – giving back the lot is fine with a page buildings are exposed etc. Sounds great.
    May I propose the idea that you still keep building permissions (not those that you could give others permissions anymore) in case you wanted to change, add stuff or modify…
    I know that would still tempt people to do disastrous things but the lot would be owned at least by Unc at this time :) and he technically had the right to reset it.
    A reward on that and a karma point would be nice too.
    I personally dont think we need to change the karma system because it’s affects the whole servers life. Maybe they should be more aware of and we should get rid of the (-) karma. That sowing bad climate into the game :)

    • We would then REPLACE the karma system or add something new. This would not happen within the current Karma system. So we would have another system where you get credit for the amount of lots you completed.

      Continuing to give access will have to be managed. I want to avoid that people continue to use farms/spawners etc on the lot for example.

      • There might be a time frame offered to work on these lots (that you may have to pay for).

  2. Kingdom lots should not only be incrementally more expensive, but should be more expensive initially. 15k for a first lot, then 10k more each lot.

    I like the build submission idea. But..
    What do you mean by return (“give it back”) your lot when its finished? Have it reset? Isn’t the point to have a filled Kingdom map? It seems that idea is only targeted at clearing the lots that people don’t necessarily need.

    [A few have had this similar idea] Can we turn in our lots to become a part of an “Official Kingdom” or “Nation” world? Could be just a duplicate Kingdom world. That world is only accessible if you can successfully submit a build. Those who are a part of that could have a perk such as unlimited vanity titles.

    We need a tangible reason to progress. That used to be in the form of promotions, but now promotions mean much less than they used to, since they aren’t necessarily based on a users content, but mostly their character. A point system like karma wont help address the core issue. Karma or some system like it is the least tangible reason for people to become involved. There needs to be a solid reason for people to perform on here.

    If disguises could be re-made that would be cool. There are other plugins that could be utilized as a way to make tangible perks. If we had disguises or hats or even particle effects, it would be rewarded through a point system like you mentioned.

    • There does also need to be some accountability for lots that people aren’t building on or using. Offer a refund to those who aren’t building on their lots? Hopefully they will use those uncs to pay people to help build their kingdom lot.

    • > What do you mean by return (“give it back”) your lot when its finished? Have it reset?
      It would then belong to me and stay as-is. Of course no reset. The original idea is that we let go of the city world and move ALL of it in there to the kingdom. I have moved substantial parts already. I just never got around to do it 100%.

      > Could be just a duplicate Kingdom world.
      Yeah, as above, the kingdom would be a model world with all builds that are meant to become permanent fixtures. I don’t really see the need for a copy of it.

      > A point system like karma wont help address the core issue
      What I had in mind as one example is more like a “[5]” in front of your name to indicate that you have contributed 5 kingdom lots. Of course this is just an initial idea. I fully support additonal perks. The big question would be how to differentiate between someone who finished 1 lot to someone who finished 10.

  3. It would be good to post in lot manager, world description, and in the rules that King lots are for building, that some mining there is understandable if that is used in clearing for building or gathering for mats that are to be used in the building on the King lot. That getting a King lot just to mine is not allowed.

    If it is stated in the rules then people can not say that they did not know. Could have it that getting a King lot just to mine is not allowed and the lot will be taken away with no refund.

    • Just FYI “mining” as such is not a problem – as long as someone builds something on it as well. Flattening the surface (to strip sand or something like that) and then leaving it like that or just turning it into a huge hole is.

  4. I don’t think the kingdom lots are actually hurting the economy the way they are set currently. The whole concept of “build your dream” kind of lends to letting people build what they envision their minecraft dream to be. Short of pixel art, and other banned things. I’ve seen some pretty cool underground builds as a result of mining. I know that when I started out on this server, all I did was dig. It taught me about cave spiders, ravines, lava, spawners, and silverfish. I think if we want to encourage people to go into the darklands to farm, we need give incentives to go to the darklands, like double the loot, and making depositing available. Having both homes and deposits restricted really puts a damper on hunting out resources there. I do think that we should reframe how kingdom lots are purchased, even though there is no shortage of them available, since people have concerns. Instead of buying with uncs, perhaps putting in an alternative currency based on points elders (or whoever you chose ) award for finished kingdom lots. This lets you retain ownership of your lots, while still encourages you to finish your builds. Also, I’m not sure how we can work this in, but even with donator status, I think there needs to be a monthly cut off if you haven’t signed on. Losing your lot sucks, it has happened to me twice, but I came back and rebuilt. Maybe it would encourage those who aren’t on often, to sign on a bit more even if it is just so they don’t lose their builds.

    • -> I don’t think the kingdom lots are actually hurting the economy the way they are set currently.
      I don’t think I ever said that the kingdom lots “hurt the economy”. Anyhow I don’t think that they do. I only think that kingdom lots are too cheap because people are buying them (main lots) in bulk and then don’t do anything with it.

      -> I’ve seen some pretty cool underground builds as a result of mining.
      That’s all fine. But I have seen kingdom lots that look terrible on the surface and then left like that (sand stripping etc) and that’s not ok.

      -> we need give incentives to go to the darklands
      I don’t really agree with that. Given the fact that people can stack a bunch of shulker boxes into an ender chest is a huge deposit already.

      -> alternative currency based on points elders (or whoever you chose ) award for finished kingdom lots
      Yes, I have been thinking about that. It’s definitively an option, the big questions is which solution is most scale able with the least complexity. In this particular example the question would be what to do with that currency.

      -> I think there needs to be a monthly cut off if you haven’t signed on
      Once we have a new system how kingdom lots are owned, the impact of people not signing it will be much lower – I hope. Right now there are a bunch of lots idle because of that but once people own less lots this issue will be limited.

  5. Just some ideas for rewards based on what would motivate me to get something completed:
    – a free /home or /depositbox
    – a permanent discount on my /home and /depositbox multiplier
    – a one-time buy a /home or /depositbox without upping the next multiplier
    (apparently I love my homes and deposit boxes)
    – priviledge of using a limited # of /homes in The End and Darklands. Max 2 in each world.
    – priviledge of using /back to any world from any world, especially The End and Darklands
    – making alleywig build with only purpur for 1 week
    – having my build featured somewhere–website, showcase world, etc
    – kudos / karmas / fame / ego boosting in general, I am not ashamed to admit
    – access to an invitation-only world that has some awesome feature not available in other worlds. An extreme biomes world seems like a great reward and simultaneous challenge for builders.
    – one-time TP to coords of my choosing in nether or Darklands
    – before I had the commands due to rank, I would’ve done anything to get the various /tp and /tpa commands.

    • Lots of interesting ideas here. I think we will need to have a combination of those. One option would be, as Emberstorms mentioned above, an alternative currency that is rewarded with which you can buy stuff like cosmetic things or one-off commands like a /tp in the darklands.

      The biggest brainteaser for all of this is how to make it scale. If someone has one kingdom lot finished, there needs top be a reward. If someone has 20 finished, how do we make sure that this person does not become a god-like superpower but still gets a reasonable reward?

      • personally, I highly dislike the idea of someone being able to /tp in the darklands. I though the whole point of the DL was that is is as vanilla as it gets, and it is dangerous. Also, how would pop day work, if some people could /tp?

  6. Earlier today I meant to comment on this thread and left my comment on the wrong thread. (Was working from my phone.) I’m repeating it here and taking more time to explain as I was in a hurry at the time.

    I was thinking as a first step that would probably play into something like what you’ve already suggested anyway, what about a system of Uncovery-specific achievements users can earn. The primary purpose of the achievements would be to encourage behaviors you want to see on the server. Each achievement would have some kind of badge or recognition listed on their online user page. There’s a lot you could do with tokens of the achievements such as providing unique in-game items people could display in game. Not every achievement would have to have the same type of tokens. Maybe some achievements are rewarded with an Uncovery Player Head, some might get a deposit box or Uncs or even a lot. Others would just be for bragging rights. The point of the achievements is they would be a framework for recognition that would cover all kinds of behaviors both social and game-play related. They would serve the dual purpose of giving people something to look into to see how a player up for vote is doing.

    The second component I think would be required to make this work is an additional voting system that let the appropriate players (sometimes any player, sometimes maybe only Elders, sometimes the selected judges for a contest) vote on whether the user had earned a certain badge or not. It may be that users would apply for an achievement or propose themselves.

    This really seems like a kind of standard thing a lot of servers might want to do, so I wonder if there’s already a plugin to do this very thing.

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