New Kingdom 3D Render (as a test)

I have started a new render view for the kingdom from the opposite side. Currently, all maps are rendered from a South-East perspective. I added now for the Kingdom a North-West perspective as well. You can see that if you click on the grey cube (as opposed to the green one) in the map selection.

This is currently at a lower resolution than the SW-Perspective. I have to check what this does to our server performance since the render takes space (a lot, currently 6.4 GB for all maps) and processing power. There is an option to switch from PNG image format to JPG at different compression rates to scale this down, I will see how we optimize that going forward. On another option, I could limit map rendering to certain times during the day to make sure that we have the most processing power when the most people are online. The result would be that the map would only update once daily however.

Have a look and let me know if you find it helpful or not.

5 thoughts on “New Kingdom 3D Render (as a test)

  1. Wow that was fast ^^

    I find it wonderful, it feels like looking at the hidden side of the moon :). My Ox Tower looks a lot better on it.

    IMO live update should not be a requirement for the reverse view, one update per day is plenty enough (I believe it’s like this already for the 2D view that we use to look at who owns what).

    • Great that it adds something!
      The issue is that I cannot change the update frequency for each render angle. Either all or nothing.

  2. Love it! Everything I’ve built looks better from this angle.

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