Changes to User Promotion voting system

Thanks everyone who contributed to the discussion about the user votes. I have now made the following changes:

  • A proposal will have to include a 100 word reason for the promotion. This reason will be public to potential voters, but the promoters name will remain hidden.
  • I changed the “power” each voter level has. instead of 1-2-4-8 it’s now 1-3-6-10. This makes it easier for higher levels to down-vote a lower rank promotion and therefore requires more broad support for people on the lower rank if someone from a higher rank objects.
  • You can now Vote, Veto, Abstain or “No Vote” on a proposal. If you Abstain, this will be recorded and you won’t be reminded about the proposal anymore. “No Vote yet” will keep the proposal in your reminder. You can still change your mind while the proposal is running.
  • There is now a 1 month deadline for a proposal to be completed instead of 2 months.

Future plans:

  • I want to allow proposals only every second month, e.g. every odd month of the year (Jan, March etc). DONE!
  • The current changes are preliminary and we will see how it goes. Please continue to contribute to the matter and we can then make further changes.

6 thoughts on “Changes to User Promotion voting system

  1. Sounds good. I’m all for promoting people that deserve it but it was starting to be a shame that it was devalued a little. I especially like the addition of the “No Vote Yet” part since I never vote if I haven’t come across this person and the alert just hangs around for the full duration.

  2. Are all Elder’s still required to vote when voting for a new Elder?

  3. Special thanks to the community for all pitching in to strengthen the ranking system :)

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