New User promotion info on Profile page

We have now a new section in the user profiles that shows the promotion history of a user. Since we keep the records of Citizen promotion only since January 2016, this is not very complete, but I still find the whole thing informative. For example, here’s Sepengo’s page:

14 thoughts on “New User promotion info on Profile page

  1. Very nice, it was interesting to even look at my own nevermind anyone else’s.

    • I cannot influence what’s on the forum’s user page or what links appear in the forum. This is a 3rd party plugin. While I could edit it, I would need to do so again each time they update it. Since the updates are automated, I would not even know it. So it’s not reasonably something I would do.

  2. Mine seems to be broken. It only says:
    “Citizen promotion date unknown, we only keep this record since January 2016
    2012-05-13: First joined”

    Maybe I’m just too elderly and the website doesn’t want to age me

  3. I noticed mine missing the middle upgrades, architect and designer.

  4. I’m going to guess those older dates that are missing are from when users were promoted by hand.

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