Temp server region deleted

After my warning in the last post, we still have excessive lag on the server. I went around and found a massive villager breeding station and took action by deleting the region file it was in. The area removed is 512,0,0 to 1023,255,511.

If you have any other industrial breeding/farming equipment, I’d recommend to remove it, if I find it I will delete the region file again.

Sorry if someone else’s work got caught in this action. It’s the only thing I can do – except for closing down and deleting the temp server completely. Let’s not let it come to that.

Let me please remind you that the temp server is NOT there so that you can build all the things that the main server does not allow you so that you can stockpile resources for the upgrade.

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  1. Evidently it was my builds that were mysteriously targeted yet again.Your server, your “rules”, that’s fine. I’d love to know what you consider breaking the rules though.

    It looks like you deleted an automatic pumpkin farm (for my jack o lantern lighting, which is almost always turned off), a small furnace array (which obviously only is on when smelting), a small kelp farm that created fuel for the furnaces, the stable (with a whole 4-5 animals in it, rip), an aesthetic church (with 1 of my 2 dogs in it, rip) and “a massive villager breeder station” deliberately built a considerable number of chunks away from anything else. By “massive” I assume you meant the amount of track since the breeder has a massive 9 (4 pairs +1) villagers in it and was deliberately fitted with an on/off function so it was off when not in use which made zero redstone active and zero breeding. The breeder that feeds the villager farm at spawn has 10ish villagers doing the breeding, I assume that is at risk of being deleted without warning too? Of course not, because the standards don’t apply across the board. Perhaps you meant the trading hall rather than the breeder? No it can’t be that since it had around 40 villagers and that one at spawn (presumably in the permanently loaded spawn chunks) has nearly 50. Also, resource gathering is now stockpiling? There’s no difference if you gather it now or waited until the upgrade to do exactly the same thing.

    After you complained last time, a lot of us culled the majority of our animals to try to help and I ripped out several whole farms to be safe but it feels like some sort of crusade. I can appreciate strict rules but less vague examples of “breaking” them and holding everyone to account would be my suggestion for you. You’d also be surprised how effective discussing issues and what needs changing calmly is rather than just blanket patronizing, threatening or destroying.

    It would be probably be easier if could please just ban me now in order to remove my temptation to forgive and forget yet again and you can move on to finding a new scapegoat for why ever your server is lagging this time.

    I wish everyone well with the new darklands and in general and under the circumstances, good luck =P

  2. So first of all, just for the general understanding, I had no idea who built that. We have no lots. No block logs. There was no sign at the door or anything. Second of all, if I remove something on the temp server, I do not have any tools available to remove something other than either removing it block by block or to delete a file. The file is covering the area above. It’s that or nothing.

    I am fighting a blind fight here. All I see is the server is lagging. Thousands and thousands of lines in the log. Further I see people people being disconnected repeatedly. On the other hand I see that people are harvesting stuff by the double-chests. It’s not a “let me have fun on the temp server” it’s “let’s build a factory with the maximum automation and output possible” – not because they need it right now, but because they can.

    Regarding you personally, I talked to you, i thought that you got the message and I saw that you removed the automated stuff that I talked to you about. I saw that the specific machines that I mentioned were all stopped. That was great, thank you for that. I had zero assumptions that this one was also yours.

    There is no targeting. There is a lack of accountability that I have to deal with. I do not know who to talk to since there are no names on things. I have very little time right now to deal with stuff. I am on in telephone conferences for about 8 hours this week every day, just about until midnight – after a normal day in the office. So discussing and calmly waiting for people to fix things is not really always an option – for me at least.

    Regarding the stockpiling and what I meant with that: I have seen farms that clearly were built to gather resources in a quantity that is not possible on the main server, simply because people would be kicked on a timeout instead of idling in front of it, the quantity of mobs/villagers is on top of that.

    Regarding breaking the rules: As you know, I have taken a very painstaking approach to the rules so far. I have written down almost everything and anything that I could to make it crystal clear and fair. My issue is that this works on the main server since there I can, in 99.9% of the cases, attribute who did what. With the temp server, we do not have that luxury. I need to rely on people labeling their stuff. While I can say that I want people to stick to the normal rules, we still work in a different environment. We have the double load on the same machine running. And there I do not have the luxury to check the hundreds of do’s and dont’s and make an analysis of who did what, when with how many cows and what redstone mechanism. I can only go around, try to find the most complex setup and start removing stuff to solve the issue.

    You might not like it, but guess what, I have played on the server in the last 5 years basically not at all. But I have spent hundreds of hours making sure that it works. I am doing the temp server only as a courtesy so people can try out the new stuff. It’s maybe a mistake. Who knows. But I won’t have the time I spend keeping the server running being wasted for the temp server. Sorry if that affects the time you have spent on it, but I need to keep the bigger picture in mind with the time and information that I have available to fix it.

  3. Unc, thank you for keeping the server running even though you have a very busy workload in the RL. We all miss you and hope that you can at some point get back into playing on the server. Thank you for doing the temp server, it gives time for spawn and the rail system to be built.

    I have a few suggestions, to help things run a bit smoother in the temp server, if I may suggest. It would be nice for people to put a sign on their builds to let others know who built what, in case there is some issue. If people make sure that they have been on discord at least once then it will be easy to leave someone a message by discord if there is a problem with a build, instead of leaving a message with signs or waiting until they get on. It would be nice to coordinate some of these builds so that Spawn looks really good when the merge happens. I have tons of extra mats from my digging if anyone needs any to help complete their builds.

  4. Fist of all; thank you SO much Unc, for keeping this server alive for us so unselfishly! It is amazing to be playing with the same people for so many years! Especially on a server that is kept up to date, when so many others have fallen behind (in 1.8).

    I just want to lay claim to by builds.

    I built the small villager breeder that feeds into the villager trading hall at spawn, as well as the small spawn trading hall.

    The breeder is located at 600, 70, -315. It is off, you would need to break some blocks to expose the doors to sunlight to turn it on. It contains no red stone or rail. I made it with only 6 doors, to prevent iron golems from spawning.
    – I can remove it if it is not allowed. I asked higher ranks about my design, and was under the impression that I was building it “to code”.

    The villager trading hall at spawn is also redstone free and rail free. There are a few villagers from each job description (not the best of each, but it’s slow going). I didn’t count, but I would estimate it contains about 35-45 villagers (about 12 librarians, the rest in other trades).
    – Again; I can remove it if it is not allowed. I asked higher ranks about my design, and was under the impression that I was building it “to code”.

    The food farm outside of the villager trading hall, is not auto. There are a lot of pumpkins, melons, carrots, and potatoes….. but less than 4 stacks of each upon harvest.

    I have a consern with the auto chicken farm at spawn. I don’t know who built it. But I don’t think anyone uses it…. there are chickens falling out and running around everywhere…. to whomever built that: would you please add an off switch?

  5. Cat and I took down the chicken farm and put the mats in the donation chests.

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