Update Progress #5

Hey all!

so I have managed to fix a major portion of the Websend plugin just now with the help of some people over at the spigot forum.

What was fixed was the main communication between the website and minecraft, so now we can run minecraft commands again from the website. So announcements about new website posts but also the scheduled darkland changes etc seem to work fine again.

If you are online in the game and some commands do not work (apart from shop/deposit) please comment on the latest update progress post here on the website!

4 thoughts on “Update Progress #5

    • Yeah, as I am restarting the server frequently right now and as stuff does not work 100%, I want people to know at least hat we are making progress. Otherwise people might be losing hope of us going back to normal.

      • I think those who appear at least once every week are patient enough, since it’s not the first upgrade that took quite a while…

        Thanks for your efforts!

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