Update Progress #6

So, first some good news:

First of all, I found an updated version of EssentialsX which is doing a lot of stuff on the server, and that one now includes a translator between the old item names and the new items names. That means that the deposit and shop should be working now since the inconsistencies between the items will be resolved automatically – where it matters most, at least. So Shop & deposit are re-enabled, please try it out. If you run into issues let me know immediately, in 99% I can give you a refund.

That means that if you withdraw from your deposit, you will get your stuff, properly. The only hickup here is that if you have a “noteblock” (ver 1.12 naming) and deposit a new note_block (1.13 naming), it won’t allow you to put it in the same deposit slot. You will have to withdraw the old ones and re-deposit all of them. I have a list here of suspected items that we will work on together (wait for another post here) to fix that issue as well.

Second, it seems that Websend is working nicely so far. I have not seen anything that would raise concerns.

Third, there are still some things that still need to be fixed:

  • Voting does not give you anything, the plugin is outdated. I need to find a new one, I guess other servers have the same problem so there must be something around.
  • Even if it was not outdated, the list of items you can receive as rewards still relies on 1.12 item names and needs to be updated
  • The regionbreed limit / headcounts seems to be broken and needs to be fixed. Please don’t abuse that.
  • We still need to move the new darklands over to the server, but I guess that will happen earliest next week.

18 thoughts on “Update Progress #6

  1. Woo! I can try to rebuild the regionbreed limit plugin soon, I think I did that once before when it stopped working (or maybe I rewrote it? I forget).

  2. Thanks Unc for all the hard work. Hugs.

    On the darklands, still need a station for all the tunnels to connect to. I was going to try to work on it but had to take time off due to hurting my left elbow and wrist due to a bad fall. Long story but I believe that when I had an x-ray done the tech popped the bone back in when she stretched out my arm for an x-ray. I am still hurting but will get on this weekend to see what I can do. Last I checked, there was a spawn portal above a huge pit. If this has not been worked on yet then I will work on a station under the portal. Hint hint: Any help will be welcomed.

      • Will do and thanks. Husband put me on a mandatory sick leave. He does dishes for me until I am better. Never knew how much I use my left hand when playing games.

    • Vixen,

      Happy to help. I am a functional versus creative builder so I operate best with a picture or partially started design. In the interim, do you have a list of the materials you will need? Happy to farm them up.


      • Michelle and I have been talking in discord on spawn plan. I think she might be further in what the build plan is going to be. I do know that we will need more packed ice. I will be on this weekend.

  3. Tried for a while. Looks definitely fine. Thanks for all your efforts!

  4. Unc,

    Awesome. Ran into two issues, notice you are already aware of the headcount. The other one was Iron Golems spawning around villages. Ran into two. Not sure if they haven’t been disabled yet or if there was a one time spawn when you started up the server before disabling them.

    Thanks for all the hard work and more than willing to help test anything.


  5. Nice job unc!

    I ran into a couple of issues with the shop, however.
    1) https://imgur.com/a/FqjDXDN When I try to withdraw any type of colored glass, it states that it’s an invalid item and I do not receive any glass. I “withdrew” almost all of my glass from my deposit before realizing that nothing was being placed in my inventory (I lost at least a stack of each type of glass).
    2) Minor issue with the shop and /find: doing /find bluedye (or pretty much any other type of dye/wool with the name attached will search for a completely different item, red sandstone, jungle log, etc.)

    It seems like the “flattening” has flattened some things out of existence.

    • Also /kit minecart no longer functions; the kit is “not properly defined”…

  6. Unc,

    Found a glitch with the deposit. Posting here so others are warned.

    Any concrete or concrete powder I withdraw is lost. It says withdrawn and deducts the item but it does not appear in inventory.

    Just a guess here, but concrete has always stored as “concrete” regardless of color. Different color of concrete would use different deposit boxes and would withdraw in the correct color but both would be called “concrete.”

    As it stands I have 16,926 Concrete and 12,991 concrete powder, both should be light grey but only 90% certain. 10% chance one of them is blue.



  7. Jungle wood planks and stone bricks disappear when I tried to take them from my lotto wins. Not many but might be bad if someone has a lot in deposit

    • actally all wood planks disappear. Also, normal wood from trees that I have in my chests are now called logs, and what is wood is the updated wood block where you have the bark on all sides.

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