Progress Update #7

Ok so a long list of Updates here:

  1. I found an issue how glass was fixed. I renamed it from “glass” with a color info separated into “black_glass”, the correct should be “black_stained_glass”. I fixed that now. I still have to do that for the failed transactions that users reported
  2. Concrete was not fixed, but only one user had it, it was all light gray and this was also fixed.
  3. Potions were not yet fixed, and those are now also correct
  4. I have fixed a long list of items that were not yet renamed in the deposits, former transactions and shop stocks to the correct, current version.
  5. Wood planks and wood slabs where misnamed and have been fixed (jungle_wood_planks vs. jungle_planks)

What is not yet fixed?

  1. Kits. All /kit commands are still broken, this will follow soon
  2. The old darklands is of course still there, that will have to be moved
  3. The online shop does not show yet new blocks. I am working on automatically get all the icons from an external service, but there are some issues outstanding. If I can fix this, I will get it from there, otherwise we have to continue with the old method and manually update each icon.
  4. I have yet to fix the regionbreed limit. By itself, it works, but it depends on 2 outdated plugins which break the regionbreed limit which I so far failed to fix. This is also the reason why we have iron golems around.
  5. Voting is still broken as well.

Please let me know if there is anything that does not work apart from the list above.

6 thoughts on “Progress Update #7

  1. Great news.

    I noticed the “/suicide” command didn’t work when I tried it in the DL, but that is hardly a nuisance.

    • BTW I hope you give a bit of notice before you take out the current DL, as I went there to generate new chunks and check on new stuff.

    • I have no idea. So far I only made an assumption that the world re-generated in 1.13 looks similar. I still have to find out if it actually does. This is however the very last thing I will do, after all the stuff in the list up there.

  2. Thanks again for the updates – game is much more fun again.

    Same request – before you take down old Darklands, please post a notice in advance.

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