Progress Update #8

So some more new stuff:

  1. I have fixed the RegionbreedLimit plugin, a.k.a. headcount. The issue here was that the plugin itself was broken for 1.13. Once I fixed that, I found out it conflicts somehow with the ModifyWorld plugin which regulates who cannot do some things in a world (like Guests cannot do anything in Darklands despite that there is no region that prevents them). When I tried to update Modifyworld to the latest minecraft version, I realized it depends on PermissionsEX (those two used to be a bundle from the same developer), which is managing all our Permissions. I had to update that as well. So once I tried to update that one, I basically failed. This let me to believe that I need to find an updated verison, which also failed. So I started looking into new plugins and quickly realized that this will be much more complicated so I went back and managed a way how to update ModifyWorld without updating PermissionsEX. That make RegionBreedLimit work again, but I somehow could not fix Iron Golems from being able to be built. So I had to change the debug-code in RegionBreedLimit, found that the name of that mob changed from villager_golem to iron_golem, and now (for now) this is fixed and works again. Yay!
  2. I am still running into stuff in the deposit/store stock that was not properly updated in the database to 1.13. I am updating all of those things as they pop up in alerts on my screen. So there might still be some instances of stuff failing when you retrieve it from the deposit, please let me know ASAP if that happens.
  3. [Update] I also managed now to fix Voting. I still need to make sure that all the rewards work, from a plugin point of view, the functionality is back. [/update]

9 thoughts on “Progress Update #8

  1. Thanks much for fixing! The results of using voting:

    1. ‘/withdraw @lottery’ reports error, withdraws nothing
    2. If I withdraw from @lottery depot id (‘/withdraw id’), that works fine.
    3. If I withdraw by clicking triangle icon in chat, then first time @lottery item is withdrawn normally, if I immediately click next, it is gone from depotlist and doesn’t appear in inventory
    4. If I leave chat and re-ente rit, and do ‘/depotlist’, next @lottery depot is withdrawn normally

    Hope that helps.

  2. The thingie that prevents us to place torches in the DL is not active.

  3. Great job!
    Found an issue with the shop: All the “Snow Blocks” have been converted into the regular, layered snow. Offering a “Snow Block” adds it as “snow” (the layered snow) and canceling my snow from the shop gives me the layered snow (as opposed to snow blocks which I offered).

  4. Ran into another couple of deposit issues. Pumpkins (the new, uncarved kind) do not withdraw from the deposit. They go in fine, just don’t come out. It does however deduct them when you try. Lost 4225 of them that way. pulled out 2k, didn’t get them, thought it was lag or something, did it again. oops.

    Other issue is voting rewards. It often gives me a blank item as in “1 !” or “53 !” If I try to withdraw, item disappears.

    I realize you are very busy and working hard in your spare time to upgrade the server. No rush at all or need to reimburse, just want to inform you for bug fixing. Thanks for all you do!

    • Thanks for letting me know. I am travelling until Tuesday night, hope to be able to fix it after that.

  5. Oops, my mistake. It is the lit pumpkins that are broke, not the uncarved ones.

  6. All enchanted items are unenchanted when whithdrawn from the lottery.

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