Progress Update #9

  1. The Darklands are dark again
  2. I fixed a bunch of code pieces where we still used numeric item IDs instead of names, so now Kits work again, the Darklands are dark again, using water/lava in creative worlds is blocked again
  3. Some code improvements in the background as well.
  4. Some lottery items don’t give you anything right now (the “common” stuff)
  5. There is now a trident in the lottery!
  6. I upgraded the temp server to 1.13.2
  7. I am testing now how the 1.13.2 world generator makes the empire look like. I am re-generating the “emp_temp” world now with that one and will then compare it with the existing empire. So far, the worlds look VERY similar
  8. All 3D maps need to be re-rendered, I will do that over the coming days one after the other
  9. The 2D maps seem to be messed up as well, I need to look into a fix there.

6 thoughts on “Progress Update #9

  1. I could be wrong, but I remember maps (in game item) being centered on our lots…. I made a map of my lot recently, the corner of my lot is the center of the map; so I had to make four to get my whole lot.
    That might be part of it, not sure if it matters. :)

        • nah, it’s completely independent.
          all the maps are rendered by outside tools that read the minecraft world files, independent of the game, and in that sense no plug-ins. The in-game maps are core-code.

  2. I assume there will be discontinuities under the sea between 1.12 and 1.13 land, because 1.13 has those underwater ravines and water filled caves, but if the surface looks seamless then it won’t be too much bothering.

    • Yes, also some biome changes. The sea in the north will have ice. You can now check on the 3D map how it looks like.

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