Progress #11: 2D Maps are back!

After a long number of attempts on my side to fix, compile and run a replacement plugin for our legacy 2D maps, many exchanges with it’s developer, we finally have the 2D map back! Yay! (They are rendering as I am typing this).

This means that I can now make a better comparison between the 1.13 generator and the 1.12 generator to decide if we re-generate the empty lots in the empire (and potentially other worlds such as the kingdom) at one point. Stay tuned for updates!

Note to the current status of the 2D maps: There are some small fixes to the 2D map website I need to make for everything to display properly, but the rendering works finally. Namely, there are 3 issues:

  1. Places where so far nobody has been since the update might not render at all. This is not an error with the 2D map, the 3D map is affected by this as well. As I have been posting before, I am working on a program to fix this. It generally works already by simply loading every piece of the map. The issue is that I cannot just let it run since that takes a lot of processing power and would boot everyone off. I am trying to write a slower mechanism, but it’s tricky.
  2. Places might have pink textures. This applies to locations that have been fixed with the process above, but still nobody as been there yet. This can only be fixed by someone actually going there it seems.
  3. Some maps are not properly aligned with the lot grid. I will try to fix that today.

[Update] It seems that there is a bug in the 2D rendering process that cuts off part of the map. I will have to wait for the tool author to fix this before all the 2D maps work properly again. [Update]

3 thoughts on “Progress #11: 2D Maps are back!

  1. Is it also a known issue that lot owners are not correctly reflected on 2d maps?

    • Someone reported it already, but I did not have time to look at it. It might be however that the image is simply not properly aligned. Can you check if the lot number matches the owners as in-game (compared with /whereami)?
      The image might be in the wrong location. I am waiting for the dev of the mapping software to fix this.

  2. You are right, the map image is just misaligned. The in-game whereami is correct. The image is 4 lots left and 4 lots up from its matching data overlay.

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