Progress #12

  • Snow blocks deposit has been fixed. In general, I could get rid of a whole process that would fix item names. There was always so far a weird issue that a list of item names would show up wrongly in the user inventory and needed to be reverted back to the original item names. This was most likely another plugin (Essentials) which did that. Since the latest version of Essentials sticks to the real item names, that conversion is not needed anymore, so I could just remove that process from the code base. Less complexity. Yay!
  • The internal enchantments list has been fixed. This means that enchantments will now display correctly in the store for newly added items. Further, new 1.13 items also will display now correctly (turtle helmet, trident) when enchanted. Lastly, the lottery has now the right data to hand out properly enchanted items. Enchanted stuff given from the lottery until now might not be enchanted anymore. I will check if there is a large number of this and potentially fix those.
  • We have now 2 super-enchanted items in the lottery: A wooden pickaxe with silk touch, efficiency and unbreaking and a wooden sword with unbreaking, sharpness, sweeping edge, looting, fire aspect and knockback
  • Jack-o-Lanterns have been fixed so that they can be deposited now.
  • Getting spawn eggs from the lottery is fixed now.
  • We used to have a list of common items you could win. I did not have the time to assemble a new list, so as a workaround you just get 1 item of any possible items. There might be a couple of things in there that you cannot get so there will be still a few bugged items, this will be fixed soon.
  • Getting a single-enchanted item from the lottery is fixed as well. Enchanted Trident! Whooo!
  • I re-balanced the chances a bit to have less “common” items and more saplings and potions instead.

One of the biggest issues is that I thought we can rely on data for items and blocks automatically retrieved from the game code by this project here. Unfortunately, the blocks and items in this data has quite some errors that make the data not 100% reliable. I have submitted several issues on this to the developers and I hope they will be able to fix this soon.

So to my knowledge, there are only 2 larger items left to do (for the 1.13 upgrade at least):

  1. fix the 2D maps. Here I am waiting for the dev of the mapping tool to fix a bug
  2. Create a better list of common blocks from the lottery or find another type of reward.

3 thoughts on “Progress #12

  1. Impressive! I hope the maps issue be the least trouble remaining…

  2. Was looking up enchanted books in the shop. They all come up as Aqua from 1 – 4, some of the books have more than one Aqua on them. I decided to buy one of the lowest costing ones to see what it would give. All I got was an enchanted book that has no enchants. I think the enchanted books in the shop are broke. Got a pretty enchanted book through that I can use to mark my chest of enchanted books.

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