2D Map issues

I just wanted to let everyone know the issues about the 2D map since I have received a number of emails recently from different people with more or less the same content.

The current software that generates the 2D map has not been fully updated to 1.13 version. The issue is that while the map is being generated, the function that allows me to map only a specific area (i.e. where we have lots) is not working. I have escalated that to the developer but I am still waiting for this to be fixed. I will contact the dev again this week to push for an update, but we will in any case have to wait until this is done.

As a consequence, the image is not aligned with the lot grid. The flatlands and the empire are shifted diagonally by an amount of lots and therefore it looks like as if the lots how the wrong owners. The lot number however is showing the correct owner, just the image is the wrong one. Here are our options:

  • Keep everything as it is until the map software is updated. No work, and some confusion with the few new players that we have. New players will need to refer what they see in-game instead of what they see on the map. As a work-around, I could add a note that the lots are shifted.
  • Make a working map manually once, but disable daily updates. This would create a correct map, but that map would be static. Changes would not be reflected until we fix the map system. Lots and players would be correct on the map, but not graphic representing the builds/reset lots etc.

Let me know what you prefer.

4 thoughts on “2D Map issues

  1. Well… I would prefer first way of keeping everything as it is until the map software is updated. Hopefully the Kingdom-Map will also be visible again :)

  2. It still shows the players in the right spot relative to the lots. So I think it is fine as is for now.

  3. I like the second option also. When helping a new player find where their lot really was, it took some time. We do not need to see what has been built on lots, day by day, but players need to be able to locate their lots. We lost at least one player because his survivor lot was not what he thought he was getting. That confusion will drive new people away and we need new people.

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