2D Map issues resolved!

I managed now to resolve the 2D map issues and all maps should display correctly now.

If there are black areas in the map, it’s because the place has pre-1.9 version files. This can have 2 reasons:

  1. The area has not been visited since we upgraded to 1.13
  2. The area has been reset recently. This is usually the case if the area is exactly along lot lines. Our “mint” maps that we use to copy regions from are pre-1.9.

In both cases, this can be resolved by visiting the area and waiting until the next reset when the maps are being updated. I will now work on 1.13 version maps to use for the reset so we don’t have to play catch-up every time a lot is reset.

Thanks for all your patience as this took quite some time to be resolved.

5 thoughts on “2D Map issues resolved!

  1. Thank you Unc. Understand with it taking time. With so many things breaking with the update, it is going to take time to get everything fixed.

    • YEah one of the main reasons this took so long was that the dev who kindly updated the mapping software to 1.13, fixed the issue in early December (I reported it in Early November) but did not tell anyone about it. I just recently asked him about it and he replied that it should be fine already. So we “lost” about a month because of this.

  2. Thanks a lot!

    Maps look fine, as far as I see. Is the L5 lot on Empire (completely black) one of recently reset?

    • Most likely, yes. I would have to dig now through the logfiles to check when this lot was last reset. You can check yourself by going there and see if it pops back up after 24 hours.

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