Temp server shutdown, it’s darklands now!

Ok, as promised, even though a bit late, I have now moved the temp server into the main server and replaced the darklands. There are still a couple of server bugs to be fixed (see comments to the previous post), but overall the migration to 1.13.2 should can be seen as completed. Please let me know if you find any additional issues.

Regarding the new darklands: I made some effort to remove non-redstone lighting from the darklands. There is likely the one or other area that I missed, specially if it’s further out. I recommend you to manually replace all the lighting yourself. If I find any areas with non-redstone lighting in the future, I will replace those myself, and that will then include lighting that is there by game design (villages for example) and also will happen outside of your control, so please don’t take this lightly (pun intended).

7 thoughts on “Temp server shutdown, it’s darklands now!

  1. Thank you very much! Just the /respawn or /suicide command is not working yet.

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