1.13 lot reset process: Step 1 done

So as you might have noticed from the 2D map, we now have a new empire. All empty lots have been reset and now have full 1.13 features, ores and biomes. This includes the by now quite dated granite etc, but also underwater features such as seaweed, sunken ships and floating icebergs.

This also means that anyone who has an empire lot has now the unique opportunity to go an reset or abandon their empire lots and start from scratch with the help of the lot manager.

But we did not only do it for the beauty of it all, there is another reason for this: Our mapping programs are all unable to deal with pre-1.13 worlds. That means that every time a lot resets, those lots become black spots on the world. And that is not very nice for people who try to get a new one. While there is a workaround for this (load the “mint” worlds into the game and visit every single chunk), it’s a hassle. We’d rather review how the by now very dated maps would look like in the new format and upgrade them all. For some worlds that does not matter (e.g. flatlands), but for others this might be a game changer (e.g. the kingdom).

So what I am working on right now is to re-create all the worlds with 1.13 tech and looking where the differences are so big that we should not upgrade them. As a first step, I took a look at the kingdom, and unfortunately, despite using the same seed, it would look completely different in 1.13. The current one is using 1.3.1 version generation, too old. So upgrading here is not an option. One option here is to create another world like the kingdom with 1.13 tech as an optional environment.

I will update you all once we have some more info.

11 thoughts on “1.13 lot reset process: Step 1 done

  1. In my humble opinion, I think Kindom 2.0 is a great idea!

    I have wanted a kingdom lot for quite some time, but he Kingdom is very populated and there aren’t many lots left that I would want.

    I hope things works out in some fashion :)

  2. The lots in the old empire are all resetting with 1.13 content such as seaweed etc – is this intended?

    Have logged back in and all around my home is now a desolate wasteland of broken hillsides.

    • Forever. Any lot that is still pre-1.13 will be available for reset until someone manually resets it or it’s abandoned and then reset.

  3. It’s true that Kingdom is a very old style world.. plenty of jungle (which has become very rare now) and no Savannah. It’s a miracle already that we could have Ocean Monuments in it!

  4. Just wanted to say thank you Unc, my empire lots have been reset per my request and with the new update I have a larger village on my beach lot now, where on the old lot there was only one building. Thank you again and to those that helped for all the hard work that is put into keeping this server the best. When I first saw minecraft I wasn’t interested in it, then a friend showed me I could use texture/resource packs and I’ve been hooked ever since. Great job everyone!!!!!!

  5. Is it better to reset my empire lots for the server to cause less problems. If it will cause a prob to keep them. I have no prob about abandoning them one by one and setting up shop on new lots.

    • If its better for the server just let me know i will start moving :) to new lots.

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