1.13 Lot reset process – to be repeated

There was an issue with the lot reset process. This affected all the empty lots I wanted to reset but also all the resets that have been scheduled by users.

If you want to have your lot reset to 1.13, please schedule it in the lot manager again now, it will happen then at the next restart.


7 thoughts on “1.13 Lot reset process – to be repeated

  1. “Lot action on next server restart: reset (@ next reboot in 10 hours and 47 min)”

    For information, mMy lot emp_f9 has been through 2 reboots already and hasn’t been reset.

      • Thanks for the notice, this is fixed now. I was looking for this error for quite a wile.
        Every time during restart I would get this incomplete error message and I was trying to track down where it comes from, now that you told me what’s broken, I could find and fix it. Yay!

        • It worked fine, and looks exactly as you said it would: pretty much nothing noticeable in the surface, except in the poodles (I had a lava poodle that disappeared), some sea weed in the river, a new trees distribution and a completely different underground, which is not really damageable.

          It’s a pity if it can’t work that way in the kingdom :(

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