1.14.4 Bug hunt!

Dear all,

we have now upgraded to 1.14.4 but there are still bugs around. I would like to ask you to try out everything on the server and let me know what does not work.

Specially, I know that there is still a bug somewhere with inventories. There are some inventory issues where some item combinations are causing commands to malfunction for the user. So if commands stop working for you, please do the following:

  1. Check if others have the same issue, if commands crashed for the whole server. If so, please send me a message.
  2. If it’s only for you, please empty all your inventory into a box and try some commands, relogin.
  3. If commands start working for you again, please leave the chest with your inventory as-is and send me a message with the coordinates. I will then try to replicate the issue and fix it. You’ll get your stuff back later.

23 thoughts on “1.14.4 Bug hunt!

  1. ok so I found a bug: If you deposit an unenchanted item and have more, but unenchanted of the same item in your inventory, it will deposit all items but all unenchanted.

  2. Hi Unc, the update is awesome!

    Not sure it’s related to plugins and stuff, but it seems that chorus is not growing at my empire slot. Reeds are growing but kind of slowly. I’ve waited around 10 minutes next to 44 chorus planted flowers and none moved, while the place used to be filled with a continuous growing sound till they were all full sized.

    • I don’t know either. It;s surely not something I can change. Either this is how the game works now (i.e. 1.14 does not allow chorus to grow in the normal world), in which case the Wiki should tell that or it’s a bug in the core/spigot code but then we can only wait until they fix it.

  3. I noticed that in Darklands health isn’t restored when hunger bar is full (although its Fryday, and autoheal should work).

  4. I’ve noticed the same thing. No health from food/hunger bar full.

  5. Also, the command have been broken for me. Saw your note above and did some testing. Having an enchanted shield (unbreaking 3, mending) causes commands to stop working for me. Doesn’t matter if the shield is bare or has a banner on it, if it is enchanted, they stop working. As soon as I put it in a chest, all is good. An unenchanted shield works perfectly, only an enchanted shield in my inventory breaks the commands.

  6. Same. I have an unenchanted shield that breaks commands when it is in my inventory (already sent a /ticket).

  7. Confirmed a find by Dani0010 that shulker boxes in inventory also break commands

  8. Pretty sure this is more a PHP/Websend issue: Anytime I switch homes from kingdom to another home in kingdom, I get: an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command.

      • it happens with enchanted stuff in inventory (tools and armor) but not with stuff like baked potatoes…

        • Ah I forgot to remove armor from my equipped slots :)

  9. Perhaps wandering trader can add to lag: under unknown circumstances, when it’s spawned on my lot, it loses both its llamas and begins erratic, very fast movements over a vast territory. That can’t be stopped until game mechanics despawns the trader (well, I can also try to destroy the trader, even though it’s hard to kill and can retaliate).

    Note that, according to Minecraft WIki at Gamepedia, there can be only 1 instance of wandering trader per world.

  10. Minecarts spawning properly but do not pick you up all the time and always start running very slowly.

    • Confirmed, This will take a while to fix since I will have to learn how the smartcart plugin works first….

  11. Hoppers are causing way more lag than they used to since 3 days ago. The first 2 days at 1.14 I did a few lag tests to verify some of ilmango’s tests (repeaters are slightly more laggy, flying machines are like 10x less laggy, etc). I ran a hopper test several times are the server barely moved from 20.0, and only did when 3 people were logged in (went down to 19.92 at the lowest). Same test now took the server to 12 tps yesterday and 14 tps today. Hopper lag didn’t change from 1.13 to 1.14. Best guess is check a mod that tries to prevent hopper duplication?

  12. Maybe TPS is off? Neither of us on the server can feel the lag in any way. TPS is saying ~14, but everything is responding like 20.

  13. Word is 1.15 will be focused on back end lag improvements with minimal new changes. Maybe they fix the coding once and for all.

  14. Also an issue that apparently appeared after this mroning’s restart is that /home or /whereami are no longer working

    • I forgot to mention, it only applies if you have enchanted / partially damaged items in your inventory :)

  15. If I wear/keep in inventory a piece of enchanted armor (e.g. Diamond Helm: Mending, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity), then all the commands fail (“An internal error occurred trying to perform this command”).

    If I remove it from inventory, commands run normally.

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