Bug #1 killed!

So I managed to kill the biggest bug, the Shield/shulker issue killing the commands from the system. Please help me verify this by doing the following:

Take enchanted shields & shulker boxes into the inventory and relogin. Test if commands like /home are working. If yes, the issue is fixed. If not, let me know in the comments.

On top of that, in the process of killing this bug, I found out a way how to get rid of a dependency in the code of Websend (which is running all our commands) which will make our live much easier in terms of keeping the server up to date for future versions.

So please let me know if you still run into problems of the commands not working.

7 thoughts on “Bug #1 killed!

  1. Figured out the hopper thing as well. Highly unlikely it will impact the server if I wasn’t bug testing

  2. It came back. Removing any enchanted items and water bottles made commands work again.

    Specifically, I was using the deposit command and it would not work if I had any enchanted bow, enchanted fishing rod, enchanted book or a normal water bottle in my inventory.

    • Thanks, I saw the error in the backend. Good news is that I can fix it, bad need is that I don’t know when since I am traveling. Will try ASAP.

      • Unc, no rush, enjoy your travels. It is easy to drop enchanted items to use commands. Warp spawn always works and all home commands work from the spawn, so still easy to port around with enchanted gear. -Sep

  3. A charched crossbow in your inventory also breaks commands – fire the arrows => commands working again

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