Server updated to 1.15.2

Minecraft released version 1.15.2 a couple of days ago, and today Spigot also released their server version, so I just updated our server as well. So please connect with the latest client.

Let me know if there are any issues.

10 thoughts on “Server updated to 1.15.2

  1. thanks for the updates, I did notice one command not working:

    /warp spawn

  2. TNT also does damage and I had some ice melting that did no happen before

    • About the ice, it seems it is just the radius of melting around heat source (in my case sea lantern) that is wider by two blocks. I have adapted my stuff and it’s not an issue for me anymore.

    • Oh no…I had built a fairly large ice cave underground…it had glowstone frozen in place behind the layers of ice….it has all melted…

  3. Any way to revert my lot to an older backup? One of my builds got completely destroyed.

  4. Cant place vehicles unless you own the lot or have perms. Made travel through Kingdom somewhat slow. lol

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