Nether reset coming with 1.16

For those who had a chance to look at the latest snapshot, there are significant update to the nether (as previously announced). So once 1.16 is released, we will reset the nether.

Just as a heads-up for everyone!

16 thoughts on “Nether reset coming with 1.16

  1. Thanks for the heads up!

    I would like to nominate daiyamondo’s epic nether base to be saved and used as the new nether spawn or to be placed somewhere in the city world. It is truly a magnificent example of the type of survival build that the server prides itself on.

    • Note: I will miss this 4-year-old world. It has seen so much love and will be the longest temporary world we ever had.

      • Agreed. I had a massive nether base that was extremely far out. 2 nether fortresses, a double blaze spawner…. It was amazing.

        Farewell Nether.

      • Is it only 4 years? I just came back to the server. I remember helping build the nether spawn area and some nearby blaze farms. I was surprised to see the familiar landscape.

    • Fine by me. A bit too big, maybe? Also unfinished. You can modify it though. Uses slabs so be careful. Accidentally broke a wooden one once. Still feels a bit too big. You guys decide. oO

      • So I made a backup of the structure a couple of hours ago. So once the new nether is out, I can try to re-insert it. It’s 8.5Mio blocks (including air), so I am not sure how successful I will be, but I will try for sure.
        If you make significant changes to the area until the new version comes out, let me know so I make another copy of it.

  2. It means “easy glowstone” coming to us :)

    Well, I assume it won’t be too sudden – enough time to save resources from the Darklands, just in case it won’t be possible to build the portals anew at the same coordinates…

    • New glowstone, new quartz, new fortresses and a new adventurous trip (looks like there’ll be more hostiles now) to find our own private bit of nether ;p

      • Was exploring today and found way more skeletons than pigmen.

        Also, did ghast spawn rate get kicked up a notch too? I swear there were way more than normal attacking me.

  3. I will be re-building the Network of Portals leading to the DL. I’ve already stripped a lot of the glazed terra-cotta (the portals are all still active).

    • Do you need help retrieving more stuff? (rail tracks, tunnel walls and ceiling material..)

      • If you want to help, you’re welcome to.
        I have already scraped down the tunnels.
        I left the middle hall area at 0,0, if you take the floor ghasts will start spawning there.
        I left all the obsidian for the portals, that will need to be taken last.

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