FYI: 1.16 upgrade

Please note that the following will happen once we upgrade to 1.16 (date yet unknown):

  • The nether will be reset (i.e. completely wiped and re-generated). This won’t affect anything except for items you have stored there.
  • The aether will be deleted (i.e. completely wiped and NOT re-generated). This won’t affect anything except for items you have stored there.

Until we find a new world generator (or Mojang makes one) that works fine as a replacement for the aether, we will have to do without one.

Update: FYI, Mojang is releasing daily new pre-releases now:

There is supposed to be a final release before the 26th. We will have to see if the spigot release will take a long time, but I would think this will be quick since they were able to work with the snapshots already.

17 thoughts on “FYI: 1.16 upgrade

  1. So, the homes set in Nether will also remain (i.e., we won’t need to dig to those locations again)?

    • This is a good question, I had not thought about this issue.
      To keep the game fair and the reset true, I should actually reset all the homes in the nether…

      • That means I will just ned to dig to those locations once again. Otherwise, my Darklands “bases” are as good as lost, unless we reset Darklands, as well.

        No big deal, however – it would be fun to dig to the homes. Especially since there will be much more interesting en route.

  2. Is it possible to get a 2 week notice so we can take down everything that we can use to rebuild new nether with?

    • I gave that notice in early February already:
      If you still have stuff in the nether to dismantle, I would suggest to hurry. Sorry, but I will not delay the 1.16 upgrade (and therefore the nether/aether reset) to allow further deconstruction.

      Anyhow if the update release is the 26th, it’s 10 more days, and I doubt I will upgrade on that day. However, it might come earlier as well. So in any case, I would not waste any time with other activities than dismantling the nether builds if you have any at this point.

      • Makes sense, I won’t want to delay nether release either. I will take your reply as my notice, thanks Unc!

  3. On the homes issue, I want to point out that many of us have resource gathering bases in Darklands that we won’t be able to access if our Nether homes reset. It took me several years to make it out as far as I have.

    • Yeah I totally get that. I am also stuck between deleting them or not. I am just worried that the new nether will be a non-exploratory experience if everyone can just jump thousands of blocks into the unknown instead of having to start at 0/0 coordinates and help building an infrastructure.

      I am open to find solutions for this if anyone has new ideas how to deal with this.

      • I think keeping the portals will be fine, those who want to explore will still take the time to explore no matter where they’re starting from, and those who won’t, will still be taking the infrastructure for fast transportation once it’s still in place and not taking the time to explore either. I don’t think most people’s behavior will change much depending on how you limit the game…

        I for one will definitely take the time to explore whether or not the nether homes are deleted!

        • Starting from scratch has always been exciting. It brings peeps together to start new builds. I myself have homes out that took weeks of walking to set. I am for a total reset.

      • Whatever you do, I won’t complain. Either way will be fun. I made a note of my nether home coords and stocked up on the items I use those DL bases for, so bring it on! Thanks for all you do keeping Uncovery a great place to play.

  4. minecraft updated to 1.16 yesterday so im gonna downgrade back to 1.15 so i can still pop on covery til servers upgrade here to it. :)

    • Yeah that’s generally possible. Please consider that the world is corrupted to a certain degree. It’s not catastrophic but I do not give any warranty on the usability…. Come back to me once we are on 1.16.

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